10 Creative Ways to get your Amazon Store to make Money Fast

10 Creative Ways of Amazon Store to make Money Fast

Jeff Bezos’s one-of-a-kind eCommerce platform isn’t just an online store to shelve products; it’s a rollercoaster ride on money-spinning tracks. Yes, you heard that right. The colossal shopping mall on the internet might feel like a showroom where sellers and buyers meet. But it’s more than that. The American Multinational company’s spectrum includes more colors than a rainbow that streaks as a rainstorm afterglow. Truly, the splendor of Amazon doesn’t stop blooming but radiates programs and opportunities to spin good cash.

Besides making money by opening your brand’s store on Amazon, there are sundry options to crank up your growth. There are several ways to earn money quickly on Amazon. We can assume that selling products on the most comprehensive e-commerce platform is only the icebergs’ tip. What lies beneath the waters is a treasure that not everybody sees or realizes. So, it’s about time anyone appreciated Amazon’s true potential.

Over the years, the product-centric platform has seen numerous money-making offshoots growth. Bezos’s life’s work has now become versatile with various options that favor different people. If the alphabet ‘A’ denotes Amazon store setup services, the lucrative niceties are B-to-Z. Can you imagine how much worthwhile the larger-than-life eCommerce platform has become? Astonishingly, you can use the following ten effective ways to earn money on Amazon fast:

  1. Earn Extra Cash With Amazon FBA

Do you wish to sell goods on Amazon while crossing your hands at the back of your head, sitting on the comfy rocking chair? Then Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is just for you. Send your products to the Amazon warehouse via the truck and relax. The product’s packaging, customer service, logistics, and shipping are included in the Amazon FBA program. Isn’t this amazing? Enjoying good times with friends and family while the engaged in-house workforce does all the job is a dream job. Get it with Amazon’s exclusive program – FBA.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick your specific business or brand you feel passionate about.
  • Research the marketplace and your target audience.
  • Buy wholesale products from AliExpress and other eCommerce platforms to later sell on Amazon.
  • Enroll in the Amazon FBA program
  • Transfer your inventory to the nearby Amazon Fulfillment center
  1. Sell Your Private Label Products

Starting your private label business on Amazon is also getting popular these days. Its dynamic inclusion in Amazon’s FBA program makes it even more effective. Pick a generic product you wish to sell on Amazon. Tweak and modify forms and improvements before selling them to the customers. Hence, it’s all about selling high-quality stuff on Amazon.

The American multinational doesn’t stop you from selling unglamorous everyday use products. What bothers them is the low-quality element in them. Surprisingly, even Amazon has a range of private label products, including AmazonBasics and Whole Foods. IKEA, Tesco Everyday Value, Original Use, Smartly, and Heyday are some more famous examples.

  1. Become A Wholesaler

Comparable to Amazon’s FBA program and private labeling, wholesaling is all about buying in bulk to resell. You don’t require labeling/ branding since you’re not the only person selling the same product. Hundreds and thousands of wholesalers like you acquire foodstuffs and other items to sell for a higher price on Amazon. Remember to buy things at the lowest prices to maximize profits through Amazon. Good luck!

  1. Start Affiliate Marketing

Another great way to earn a passive income via Amazon is to write blogs for affiliate marketing. Don’t worry if you have older blogs and articles in infinite numbers. The simple formula to leverage your past write-ups for churning good profits is to add hyperlinks to Amazon products.

Furthermore, you can also join Amazon Associate programs to make money by writing for them. What makes it a great idea to make extra cash fast is that you don’t require any product. Your high-quality writing skills and keywords do the job for you as you make a handful of commissions through user clicks. We recommend you search for a reputable Amazon marketing services agency near you and digital marketing services start providing them affiliate services.

  1. Publish Books On KDP

Do you have good writing skills? If yes, then congratulations. Here’s another trick to throw nothing on Amazon and make plenty of cash. Sign up for your account on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and begin writing your eBooks.

We advise you to create a few drafts and vision groundbreaking storyline concepts. Ensure your brains are fully loaded for the weekend to execute a few books to the target audience – the readers. KDP isn’t that old, but a growing subsidiary of Amazon that has immense potential to make good profits.

  1. Become A Part-Time Delivery Guy With Amazon Flex

As the name suggests, Amazon now offers you a good buck for your time. Not a specific time, but the day or night shift you choose. Yes, you heard it right. That’s why it refers to as Amazon Flex. Another reason is people’s spiking growth of online shopping due to the not-so-bygone COVID-19 pandemic.

Owning a car and a smartphone is all you need to start delivering products to people for Amazon. Amazon typically pays a decent hourly rate between $18 – $25 per hour. What else fiscally beneficially can you demand? A great option to earn money fast on Amazon for people lacking market passion but having excellent conversation skills.

  1. Sell Your Merch On Amazon

Become a retailer yourself by selling high-quality merchandise on Amazon. Some good merch options are T-shirts, caps/hats, coffee mugs, 3D-print badges, and jeans. The best part is that you don’t require these items in bulk. Ensure the item you intend to sell has a first-class quality that resounds with Amazon’s face and worth. Surprisingly, Amazon also provides merchandise printing services.

  1. Sell DIY Arts & Crafts

Handmade products are the best to sell to buyers looking for unique products on Amazon. Besides, who doesn’t like handcrafted artisan objects and relics? These particulars justly define your personality, living space, family, and people around you. Its why house décor showpieces are common on the giant eCommerce platform. You can also join Amazon Handmade to join a team of passionate craftsperson’ from more than 80 countries selling their DIY artwork gems to rare tasteful buyers.

  1. Become A Reviewer Via Amazon Vine Program

Another great Amazon cashing perk helps you earn free treats instead of cash. You can begin evaluating items by simply signing up for the Amazon Vine Program. If you wish to sound more genuine to the customers, start writing reviews of products you bought from Amazon yourself.

  1. Sell Your Services On Amazon

Sadly, many people don’t know that the Amazon marketplace isn’t all about selling products and merch. The hidden potential of the A-to-Z platform is like buried treasure. Only those who know these rare money-spinning niceties obtain big bucks in return. No upfront is required except a smaller revenue share for each service you provide. Following are a few services you can offer on Amazon:

  • Fitness & Beauty
  • Education
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home maintenance
  • Pets
  • Lawn upkeep and landscaping


So, there you have it. We hope these extraordinary Amazon tributaries will help you make reasonable amounts of money in little time. Remember, the American international eCommerce hub isn’t about products anymore. We’ve tried to collect profitable Amazon particulars to make more cash.

So, we hope there’s something in it for you. Do write back to us via email or talk to us on our phone number about what you think about these ideas. We would love to assist you in helping you establish your main business’s side hustle.

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