Google presents ICT use practice cases in the city

On January 22, 2022, Google for young men’s training will hold a discussion titled “Kurumi Education Reform and Building an Environment that Supports Everyone” on YouTube Live to understand the idea of School. Interest is free, and pre-enrollment is required.

Google will hold an online course to share endeavors towards understanding the unprecedented school idea for educators and, as a result, school destinations from one side of the country to the other, preparing for commonplace and metropolitan young men’s instruction sheets. What’s more, individuals are answerable for ICT upkeep. It is held consistently. This time, Mayor Corum, who will lead the utilization of ICTs for every individual, will make sense by “representing things to come in Education Reform.

To advance ICT, the Principal of Nancun Primary School and the Principal of Isa du Mii Chuo Secondary School. Mr. Ijiro and Mr. Michael Son, an English educator, give instances of ICT utilization in essential and optional schools in Kurumi City. Mr. Tomoyuki Mihara, Head of Education Promotion and ICT Division at Kurumi City Board of Education, will be in front of an audience at the “Framework Environment that Supports Everyone in the Kurumi City Environment.”

The membership is free. Applications are acknowledged on the site. The cutoff time is 5 p.m. on January 21. Assuming you come to watch, you’ll have the option to watch the video after the course regardless of whether it’s challenging to go during the day.

Shrewd Learning Center Maintenance Company


On January 14, 2022, the Yokohama City School Board reported another training facility, “(Temporary Name) Smart Education,” that focuses on “exploration, innovative work,” and “human asset advancement for personnel and staff” while taking advantage of the most recent ICT advancements. We sent off the overall corporate enrollment process to advance the “middle.” We will acknowledge accommodation of the application structure until February 25.

In Yokohama, the Yokohama City Center for Co-Education and Culture, which opened in 1974, was a venue for instructive exercises. However, it shut down in late 2012 because of safety issues. And tremor obstruction brought about by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Currently, the capacities have been circulating and kept up in a wasteful state based on these issues. We have chosen to foster another learning place since “Shrewd Learning Center (My Business Name)” by presenting the imperativeness of the confidential area. We have started open enrollment for organizations.

Where the many individuals include


The fundamental idea of the “Smart Education Center” is the “Informative Design Lab,” which creates new schooling for youngsters. Working with industry, the scholarly world, and government, we mean to be an open and imaginative learning center point where the various individuals engaged with bringing up youngsters to address and challenge one another. The middle is around the four elements of ‘Examination/Research/Development.’

“human resource development and “counseling” instructive” and “show/distributing”. But which is advancing given changes in social circumstances, for example. So School and the new contamination of COVID. It was create as an office that genuinely takes advantage of it. Simultaneously, the capacity of the “Childcare and Education Center” will include Early Childhood.”

The middle area is “around Kannai Station/Sakuragicho Station”. Because of open advancement with organizations and colleges and access from urban schools.

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