Can You Get A DUI On An Electric Skateboard?

The most commonly asked question about skateboards is. “Can you get a DUI on an electric skateboard?” The answer depends on your country’s rules and regulations. Generally, any police do not fine you DUI for walking on electric skateboards. Only if you are not violating any state’s laws or harming any other citizen.

Most importantly, you are not drunk while on electric stake boards. It can cause you to harm and end with dire consequences.

Can you get a DUI on an electric skateboard being drunk?

Issues might emerge when somebody chooses to ride a skateboard after consuming alcohol. This individual might have a more slow response opportunity with regards to halting or going to keep away from items and people on foot. It tends to be like the impedance experienced while working a mechanized vehicle while impaired.

Police usually can control a basic breathalyzer test on somebody skating whimsically. A person with a blood liquor centralization of .08% or more prominent is viewed as lawfully impeded in many states.

Contingent upon pertinent regulation, there might be certain circumstances where you can be accused of a DUI on a skateboard. For example, in Oregon, a man was charged with a DUI after hitting a moving van while riding an electric skateboard.

Individuals unexpectedly process liquor. Somebody with a load of roughly 140 pounds can have a BAC of .09% in the wake of polishing off a few cocktails.

What are the Laws and Regulations for skateboarding?

Most state and domestic networks have regulations and mandates regarding skateboard security. Skateboard helmets are, for the most part, required. Secondly, the knee pads and other defensive stuff are additionally suggested.

An alcoholic individual might snatch their board and disregard the protective helmet and other security things. Police typically have the power to give a reference to somebody who is skating and not wearing needed defensive stuff.

City and local area mandate frequently show where an individual can and can’t utilize a skateboard. A skateboarder who rides in a confined region can usually be come by police or other policing.

Assuming that individual is intoxicated, the person in question might be captured or referred to for abusing tumultuous lead regulations.

It would help if you did not ride when you are drunk fully.

Many state regulations concerning driving impaired (DUI) allude to the activity of mechanized vehicles. Drivers of autos, transports, golf trucks, and so on should include a BAC inside as far as possible as per these state regulations.

A driver who got a DUI might have their driver’s permit suspended and be expected to pay a fine. They may likewise be expected to have a start interlock gadget introduced in their vehicle. The device looks at BrAC (breath liquor focus) to see whether to begin the car.

At Draeger US Interlock, we focus on protecting our streets for everybody, including those who ride bikes and skateboards. We give solid, cautious, and simple-to-utilize start interlock gadgets that it can utilize in many vehicles.


Skateboarding is fun and is the preferred activity to do. Most people ride electric skateboards and love to do it with friends. Significantly it would help if you avoided DUI and drinking when you plan to ride. It’s safe for you and other people surrounding you. Enjoy skateboarding!

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