6 Important Categories Which Require Professional Translation

Translation once was assumed to be confined to particular niches and industries. However, today, as the world has advanced and artificial intelligence, has already taken over things have changed. While people think that these are only stories, novels, and magazines that need translation but in fact, there is one whole world that requires translation. These contain different sectors and fields which require content and translation in different languages. Almost all types of business ventures have started to seek help from their preferred translation company.

If we start pondering we get to notice how every simple thing and gadget of our routine has somehow been involved with the translation in one way or other. Whether it is about English or professional Turkish translation services, language translation has become a must for every business and sector. 

Six important categories include 

  1. Daily gadgets/ Software & Telecommunication Translation 

The gadgets which we use on daily basis to accomplish our tasks include laptops, computers, and mobile phones with a lot more. The operating systems and webpages that these gadgets contain including all the programs are most likely to have been translated. In order to have these texts translated from the technical resources. As the programming language is highly technical and tough to translate. So this category falls into technical translation, software translation as well as telecommunication.

2. Favorite Books/Literary Translation 

Are you an avid book reader and enjoy reading fiction and keep buying books? Also if you prefer it in your native language, chances are that it has been translated from another language and this category falls in the literary translation. So translation is there in this content too. Paulo Coelho is a famous Brazilian writer and he has worked on numerous books. One of the initial books Al Chemist was originally published in the Portuguese language and later it became a widely translated international book and is considered a best seller to date. Similarly, a lot of books have been translated into the Portuguese language too and the writer has to seek help from Portuguese translation services to ensure that their books get literary translation too.

3. Favorite TV Series and Movies/Audiovisual Translation 

Do you love watching movies and seasonal TV series? Have you ever wondered about the original production of your favorite movie? The movies and dramas which get popular and famous are dubbed into many languages as per the demand and requirements. Also, Netflix, the mega streaming site buys different series and makes sure that there is dubbing of the content available for its potential audiences. Turkish soap operas are quite famous among viewers from all over the world. Therefore, they keep recording their content in new languages as they see the demand. Similarly, Turkish translation services are also hired for launching the products in Turkey by the businesses. This category is audiovisual translation.

4. International Products & Board Games/Content Translation 

There are thousands of items that are often on sale on the internet. Also, if you are into games, you must have bought the board games and their packaging gets translated into multiple languages. These translations are made available in multiple languages. Also, their features are translated. This type of translation is named content translation. The content may include all types of content and this can be required for official purposes where businesses hire professional translation solutions to internationalize their business to a particular target audience.

5. Appliances and Machines/Technical Translation of Manuals

The appliances in our kitchen start from an ordinary coffee beater and are as big as the fridge, freezer, and the one you use in the gym, all of these are made and assembled in different corners of the world and then reach you. If you can read the content that comes with the manual and can understand it that refers to the translation that has been made available in your native language to make sure that the users can understand it well before use. So this type of translation is called the technical translation of the manuals for the different equipment and appliances.

6. Medical Products and Text/ Medical Translation 

Medical and pharmaceutical products are required by one and all as everyone suffers from health issues. It is a quite challenging and hectic task but yes translation is also involved in this category and is getting quite in demand lately, particularly post-pandemic COVID-19. It also includes medical devices and equipment as well as the heavy machines which are used in hospitals and healthcare centers. A single tablet or a syrup has to be translated according to the target country and people. Medical translation is tough so only experienced and with subject matter expertise people are assigned for the translation. English translation services are also hired for companies that work in countries that do not speak English as the main language.

Translation services have now become evident for businesses in order to expand their operations overseas smoothly. A business that wants to tap the Brazilian market will have to hire professional Portuguese translation services to tap it effectively. It is also important to take note here that Portuguese which is spoken in Brazil and around is quite different from the European variant of the language.


Translation initially was taken as a choice. These days however it has become a necessity and mandatory while globalizing the products. Translation categories are more than ever we thought and expanding every day. Technical, audiovisual, medical, content and literary translation types are a few to name.

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