7 things to keep in Mind Before Moving Abroad

Freedom of movement is one of the fundamental rights of all humans. Except for a general lockdown like the last pandemic, humans are free to explore various countries for whatever reasons.  

People travel abroad for vacation, education, job, in search of greener pastures, etc. While relocating abroad can be exciting, it is sometimes filled with anxiety, stress, and despair. However, doing your assignment with adequate research can guide you towards what to expect when moving from one country to another.  

This article will explore seven things to keep in mind for people who want to move abroad: 


Make Provisions for Funds 

As much as you are excited about moving abroad, ensure not to forget how to handle funds. Your bank needs to know your intention so you will not be caught unawares when the charges start pouring in.  

Also, the bank must be aware of tackling possible fraud on your account. Besides, you can make arrangements for an account with reasonable international transaction fees. You need to start early if you plan to get a credit card that will not charge you for international transactions. The earlier you start, the earlier it will arrive in your mail.  


Have a Budget 

One of the most important things to do when preparing to move to a new country is to have a budget. Depending on your visa type, some countries might require you to show proof of funds.  

In addition, day-to-day living expenses might be expensive, especially for someone moving to a first-world country from a third-world country. As a result, try and have some funds earmarked for the endeavor.  

Besides planning for the cost of moving overseas, ensure to plan for other expenses. Students moving abroad should prepare for other expenses like textbooks, health insurance, etc.  

 When you arrive at your destination, try and open a bank account which is possible online. Some banks offer deals like credit cards for students and new immigrants that might go a long way in helping you build your credit history.  


Guide Your Emotional Health  

The excitement of moving abroad is often canceled out by the stress, worry, and anxiety of packing. This is normal for everyone due to the fear of the future, so you must prepare for the challenge ahead.  

Get enough sleep as the travel date approaches. Ensure to have all your shopping and pack your things well ahead. Don’t ditch a night out with your friends; if possible, organize a getaway party. Whatever you need to do to feel ready, please don’t shy away from it.  

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Remember Tax Obligations 

Various countries have tax regulations, and navigating them might be challenging, especially for a beginner. All countries have unique tax systems, and you should know how to fulfill your tax obligations.  

Some countries, like France, pay their tax as a lump sum at the end of every year. Other countries like the USA have the income tax removed from the salary every month. Ensure you know the prevalent tax method of where you are so you remain on the law’s good side.  

Additionally, if you are working online or self-employed, ensure you know the tax obligation.  

Finally, determine if you must maintain any tax obligations with your home country. For instance, US citizens are not exempted from paying taxes, irrespective of their location or workplace! 



You are in luck if your destination country speaks your language.  

However, not everyone might be reasonable to go to countries where they speak their language. In such countries, you might be able to get around by learning a couple of simple phrases.  

For people living in the country for a long time, work with a guide or translator who will explain all legal requirements. You might have to sign contracts written in a foreign language, which you can’t understand. As a result, finding a way to understand such is pretty essential.  


Understand the Available Transportation Options 

Figuring out how to get around is pretty important once you know where you will live. This is even more important if you live outside the city center. Some areas might not have access to public transportation, so getting a car is mandatory, not a luxury.  

If you decide to drive, ensure you understand the insurance requirements. Also, some countries might allow you to drive with an international driver’s license. However, one needs to upgrade to the local one after some months.  



All countries have unique healthcare systems. Some countries have a fantastic healthcare system handled nationally or by private companies.  

National healthcare does not mean it is free. The taxpayer’s money finances it. However, there could be criteria to qualify for it. Ensure to do your research as it might not be available to foreigners.  

For countries with private healthcare, ensure to know how to go about it.  

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Moving abroad does not have to be stressful, even though it could be a daunting experience. You can take various steps to ensure that moving abroad is easy and seamless. This only comes with an optimum plan like making a budget, preparing for finance, making language arrangements, etc. With these steps, you can ensure there are no surprises when you get to the new country. 

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