A Digital Electronics Course to Skyrocket Your Career

Dennis Ritchie is credited with the creation of the computer language known as C in the year 1972. C is a low-level procedural language that was designed to run across multiple platforms and to provide access to critical features such as memory management. The C programming language gets used for creating the source code for a wide variety of compilers, UNIX operating systems, computer programming languages such as Python, video games etc. 

C is still one of the most extensively used general-purpose programming languages in the world, even though it does not support more modern programming features such as object-oriented programming. It has several applications in the fields of computer science and software engineering.

Programming jobs in the C language was displaying more than 1300 openings related to C programming at the time this article was being written, indicating that demand for C programmers is high. Oracle, Electronic Arts, Activision, and the United States Department of Defense are among the companies currently hiring, and salaries are reported to vary anywhere from $55,000 to more than $120,000 annually, depending on the candidate’s level of experience.

There are many roles available, most of which are geared largely toward entry-level to senior-level C programmers; nonetheless, there are over 20,000 employees in which C is required programming expertise. The general C programming skills and basic computer science concepts that you’ll learn from the free digital electronics course will give you a solid boost to your resume when you apply to program jobs, regardless of whether you want to get into traditional software development or want to work as a software engineer on more specialised projects like video games.

This is true whether you want to get into traditional software development or are seeking to work as a software engineer on more niche projects like video games.

Investigate the possibility of a career as a C programmer:

You can determine if a job in computer programming is suited for you by taking some free online classes in the C programming language. Learn C from scratch up to becoming an advanced programmer with our step-by-step programming tutorials and online C programming courses taught by the world’s top universities.

You will be able to add valuable system programming abilities to your CV, advance in your current work, or set yourself up to learn more complex concepts in computer science by following the instructions in our C tutorials.

Because the courses may be completed at your own pace, you can begin learning to code right now.


The question of how to learn C for your job is no longer relevant now that we have provided you with access to free courses offered by some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions and colleges. Beginning with the simple “hello, world” line of code is a great place to begin learning C programming. Before you know it, you’ll be putting, malloc, typedef, and scan in your code!

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