According to Charles Milander, Athleticism and Sport Can Help You Be More Creative and Focuses in Your Life

Charles Milander

Charles Milander is a certified member of the International Coaching Federation and works with clients to determine their professional and personal goals, identify strengths and talents, and create more meaningful and purposeful work.

We all have a reason to work our bodies in the way that we do.

Many of us are adrenaline junkies and want to survive a muddy obstacle course while covered in sweat and filth. Some people might be more interested in aesthetics, a better body to increase their confidence. There are also those who are all about performance and engage in strenuous, taxing workouts to push the limits of what they thought possible. Being active makes us more happy and energetic. It also boosts our immunity system. This is in addition to all the other stuff we throw around when we attempt to get friends to join us for a workout.How does this all change our lives in the long-term, beyond what we know now? What other benefits are there to being active?

Let’s talk about Creativity.

Take a deep dive into The Game Plan: A GUIDE TO Creativity

Because most sports are based on repetitive movements and rigid movement patterns, they are naturally conservative. It is not intuitive to realize that sports can help us see things differently and spark the creative spirit that is in us.

These are just a few examples that sport can change our outlook and increase our creativity.

1.Walk/run your path to a clear head

This is an oldie, but it’s still very popular. Running and walking are aerobic activities that can produce endorphins. All kinds of positive sensations are triggered by this.

According to a  study by Charles Milander,a person is 60% more creative when he walks. It’s easy to walk yourself to new levels of creativity. You don’t even have to go outside to find your eureka moment. A simple walk on the treadmill can do it.

Steve Jobs was well-known for regularly holding walk meetings, swearing to their benefits to his productivity. You can also do this.

You can find more information about him on  Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia.

  1. Regular weightlifting can help you reconnect with your mind

The gentle pull and the sound of plates being moved on the bar – heavy lifting isn’t just good for your body. It has been shown that weightlifting can trigger interesting brain processes.A 2012 study found that loading levels vary and correlate with cortical activity. Milander says Explosive and powerful movements are able to activate the most motor units simultaneously. This improves the mind-body connection.

Because of their complex nature and complexity, weightlifting requires a high level of preconception. This means you need to dig deeper and drill deeply to master the technique.

Because of its complex nature, learning the sport can help you to re-acquaint yourself with your body. Weightlifting is a great way to be more precise and aware when learning new concepts or exploring them.Let’s hope you’re now inspired to exercise and have three new sports options.

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