An introduction to peep toe booties


Peep shoes booties are quite popular and can be seen by many famous personalities wearing them at different occasions. Lets have a look what is special about these boots style? What does peep toes term means? Its history information, How did it evolved, etc.

 What does peep toe term means?

A peep toe term is used for the women shoes which has an opening at their heel area and fingers of the foot. According to doctor mark Fulks:

“Peep toe booties are women shoes in which there is an opening at the top box which allows the tools to show”.

People do find these shoes more comfortable because the top of the foot doesn’t have to take all of the pressure as it is open and The heel is also open.

The market offers peep toe shoes in flat version, high heels booties, and kitten heels.

Short history

The peep toe style was introduced to the world in the time of 1940s which means it is not any sort of new style but instead it has been very famous style in 1940s when the modern European women after the French Revolution dare to expose her feet to for the first time and slowly it became very famous in that era but then gradually it disappeared in 1960s. It started resurfacing peep toe booties in the 1970s and now recently it is again very popular and in fashion. Also Kardashian have wore peep toe shoes which can be seen at paparazzi pictures.

 According to steels:

“We are seeing a lot of winter boots with an open toe and towering high heels this has status implication implying the message that you get out of the car you not trudging through mud and snow there is definite combination of status and attraction designing the boots 1889 do show the look of power”

What is difference between open toe and peep toe shoes?

Most of the time people mix out these two terms and donnot dedifferentiate them. But you will be surprised to know that these two boots are different. What is the differences?

The difference is that the open toe shoes have an opening at the toes which is much wider; revealing all of the fingers of feet whereas the peep toes shoes have small opening exposing only two or three fingers.

How to wear peep toe shoes?

You can wear peep toe booties in summer as well as winter it fits for the both seasons clothing fashions for the best moreover it also makes you legs more longer than they actually are. Here are some fashion advice is for people shoes

  • Your feet should be clean and look nice as they’re going to be exposed
  • These booties makes your legs look longer and leaner so also moisturize your legs.
  • Do match your booties with your dress code.
  • They look best with socks and tights.
  • They are also good choice for your work or office work outfit/ look with dark and plain colors.


So, peep toe booties are one of the trendy shoes fashion that can be wore with different clothing’s styles to give them more sophisticated look. If you want to buy and have one pair for you, you can have them from the link provided in the article. Hope you like our efforts!!


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