Are You Getting into Meditation for the First Time? Helpful Tips by Jonah Engler for the Beginners

Recently, more people have been choosing meditation. One of the prominent reasons for that is the sudden pandemic outbreak that made people across the globe feel stressed and tense. And in an attempt to feel less stressed and put one’s anxiety at bay, most people have been choosing to meditate. That aside, there might be other people who want to meditate for different reasons. 

Meditation has obvious health benefits. Our ancient healers and ancestors have talked about it. Research and studies have suggested that meditation has helped people recover from acute anxiety and mild depression. 

If you have heard about the benefits of mediation and want to give it a try, you aren’t the only one. But when you are about to start meditation for the first time, you need some hand-holding and guidance to get you through the process. Jonah Engler shares a few valuable tips and guidelines for meditation beginners. 

  • You don’t need prior training

Often people need training before they start meditation. Even though there are different forms of meditation and there are trainers who teach you the same, you don’t have to take training when you start. However, having a basic idea can help. So, all you can do is browse online and search for meditation for beginner videos and check what the videos have to share. Usually, these will be tactics on how to meditate. Either you can follow these tactics or exercise simple breathing in and out to meditate. 

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  • Start out easy and small

You must have read about and come across meditators and spiritual guides who meditate for hours. Let that not compel you to create a target for yourself. When you are starting out you need to be easy on yourself and get comfortable too. Hence, it would help if you start by meditating for 5 to 10 minutes at the start. Make sure that you are seated at a quiet place with zero disturbance and aim to meditate for 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Let that be your meditation time, and you can increase it as you get comfortable. 

  • Use instrumental music

It’s natural to find it challenging to focus on your breath when you start meditating for the first time. Few people find it difficult to concentrate and sit quietly even after they have gained an initial practice. Here, you can use instrumental music to enable you to focus better. Instrumental music will also help you to detach from your immediate surrounding and stay at one with your breath. 

Last but not least, Jonah Engler says that you need to find a time when you want to meditate and get regular with it if you want to feel the benefits. If there is no regular practice, you will not feel the calmness that meditation brings. So, choose a time to meditate and get regular with it using all the guidelines shared here. 

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