Best Online Men’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

People today are well aware of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan. Because of this, it has become a little tricky for men and women to keep up with the latest women’s and men summer dresses styles. The shift in trends and designs across various brands makes shopping a little difficult. With so many brands opening every year, women’s and men online shopping has also picked up the pace.  People not only look for the latest trends and designs but also keep an eye out for brands that have the best quality of the casual dress for men and women. 

It is often assumed that the man clothing brand choices are limited as compared to women’s.

We have listed down some of the popular and hands-down safest men clothing websites and stores. 

  • Junaid Jamshed
  • Orient
  • Gul Ahmed
  • Al Karam
  • Khaadi
  • Sapphire
  • Almira
  • Amir Adnan

Junaid Jamshed


Junaid Jamshed has unquestionably been a favourite brand for eastern wear for men and women both. This clothing brand has made its mark in the fashion industry with its wide range of clothing and accessories for both genders. However, you can easily find plenty of traditional dress for men, for casual and formal events. It was one of the few brands in the market to offer Kurta, Pyjama, Shalwar Kameez, Waistcoats, and sherwanis when there were very few brands to offer casual wear for men.


Orient is majorly known for providing women’s eastern and western wear. Lately, Orient has launched its eastern men unstitched collection.  Their collection mainly features unstitched fabric including cotton and latha. Cotton and Latha fabric are the most sought-after fabrics by men as the fabrics are durable and breathable for the summer season. The colour palette of the men summer dresses is mostly pastel shades and a few deep tones as well. So now you can easily spend the summer season in easy breezy clothes. 

Gul Ahmed

Sea Green Printed Kurta KR-PLN22-007

The summer season can never be complete without having formal clothes for men from Gul Ahmed. With vibrant hues and excellent quality fabric, the brand is Pakistan leading textile hub. Gul Ahmed has been popular amongst youngsters for many years, and their catalogues were always in high demand due to the designs and classy tailoring styles. The same is the case with their casual and formal dressing for men and women both. Moreover, the price range has always been not too high, given the level of high quality they provide. 

Al Karam

Al Karam is a brand name known to everyone in Pakistan and overseas as well. It has a wide variety of casual wear for men and women with formal apparel as well. All of their collection is accessible online, and has made men online shopping a fun experience. The quality of fabric is always top notch and designs are very simple, traditional yet modern at the same time. Al Karam has a great variety of stitched kurtas, pyjamas, shalawar kameez which are ideal for events like weddings, Eid celebrations and so forth.


Fabrics Full Suit

The clothing brand Khaadi is quite popular amongst youngsters and middle aged men and women for their edgy and unique prints, cuts and designs. The quality of fabric is always on top. This brand has made to this list because of their latest men summer fashion apparel. Their collection of casual dress for men features some bright coloured kurtas that are perfect for the summer season. The colour palette of Khaadi’s traditional dress for men is always lively and energetic, to make you look fresh even in the simplest attire.


Sapphire has become a significant clothing brand when it comes to formal clothes for men. Ranging from sleek kurta pyjamas, to classic shalwar kameez, and smart fitting waist coats they have it all under one roof. Their collection is not only limited to women, but for men as well, with embroidered clothing available too. Sapphire’s latest collection will simply add a pop of fresh colour to your wardrobe 

If you are confused where to buy your next Eid clothes, simply visit their men online store.. This will help you chose the ideal pair of shalwar kameez for Eid. Or if there’s a wedding coming up, simply pair it up with a smart looking waist coat.


Elegant, trendy and sophisticated- these three words can define the men’s clothing brand Almira. It features a fusion of heritage and modern designs in a contemporary setting that uplifts your look instantly. At Almira you’s find clothes that are rich in texture, and colours with excellent textile that promises high quality. 

With e-commerce booming in Pakistan’s fashion industry, buying men dresses online has become more popular that in-store purchasing. Hence you can easily purchase your favourite pair of kurta shalwar just sitting at home. 

Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan is a famous fashion label in Pakistan’s fashion industry. It has become a first choice for every groom-to-be to check out their collection of festive wear. They have wide variety of festive sherwanis, kulaahs, khussas, kurta shalwar, and many other assortments. The brand is quite famous worldwide and is in fact one of the top men clothing websites

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