Complete Guide to Build a Hotel Distribution Strategy

In this article writer talks about importance of hotel distribution strategy to improve the hotel revenue.

When it comes to smart distribution, your hotel has a variety of alternatives. You can advertise on online travel agency (OTA) booking sites, take direct reservations over the phone or through your website, and use a variety of additional channels to expand your clientele. But it’s crucial to use a variety of hotel distribution strategy that caters to your target demographic if you want to increase the revenue at your hotel.

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What Is a Hotel Distribution Channel?

A hotel distribution strategy is, at its most basic level, any location where hotels can offer rooms for sale to prospective guests, whether online or off. Online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution for hotel systems (GDS), metasearch websites, direct phone bookings, and hotel websites are a few examples of hotel distribution channels.

The hotel distribution strategy is for efficiently selling rooms through a range of channels. Your pricing, target market, location, available marketing resources, and other factors will all be considered in the best plan for you.

You should take into account a few crucial factors when developing the best plan for your hotel.

Determine Your Business Objectives

The majority of hotel distribution strategy aim to attract more of your target clients, which will lead to more reservations. Make sure your global distribution for hotels plan is in line with your target KPIs and sales targets.

Find Your Target Audience

Your brand may be more appealing to some client types and demographics while being less enticing to others. In order to reach your target market with the most visibility possible, your global distribution for hotels plan should take into account your audience. While some methods, like direct social media bookings, might be more appealing to a younger audience, others, like phone reservations, will appeal largely to an older population.

Compare Key Metrics Across Channels

You should compare those data throughout your Hotel distribution channels once you’ve decided which hotel distribution strategy is crucial to your hotel based on your goals and objectives. While certain Hotel distribution channels will provide greater awareness than others, they may also cost more or have narrower profit margins. The ideal strategy will combine exposure, financial success, and improved brand messaging.

Test And Optimize Over Time

Your smart distribution plan shouldn’t remain constant over time. Continuous channel testing, channel optimization, and monitoring of the profitability of your primary channels are all necessary.

Popular Types Of Hotel Distribution Channels

  • Direct Website Bookings

If you’re like most hotels, the majority of direct reservations will likely come from your website. Direct reservations are frequently more lucrative, more likely to lead to repeat business, and more suited for upselling. As a result, the majority of hotels view their website as their primary route for distribution.

  • Direct Phone Bookings

Direct phone bookings may be the most practical method and smart distribution of contacting your hotel for several target audience categories, including older individuals, travel agencies, and event planners. This is particularly true if prospective consumers have specific inquiries about their stay or if their reservation is difficult in some other way.

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

There is no avoiding the fact that online travel agents are a common and necessary step in the hotel reservation process. A wonderful option to attract visitors you might not have otherwise reached is through websites with large audiences. 

  • Global Distribution Systems

Connecting with travel agents through global distribution hotel systems (GDS) is a crucial distribution route. This system is used by travel agents to search hotels, view prices, and look for availability. Amadeus, Worldspan, Sabre, and Travelport are examples of well-known global distribution systems.

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