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Safety should come first, so only hoverboards for children that have a branded battery with CE approval should be purchased. The topic has already been dealt with in the upper section of the article. Other purchase criticisms for children’s hoverboards could be.


The lowest possible dead weight (less than 10 kilograms)

Low top speed (below 15 km/h)

The minimum weight of the child should be > 20 kilograms

LED headlights for better visibility and to be seen better


Child mode can be switched on, with which e.B. the maximum speed can be set

If the small self-balancing scooters are too heavy, knock off hoverboards the adolescent can no longer wear it himself/ herself. Frustration quickly arises, which can be avoided with the right purchase decision. Also, the child should first learn on a scooter at a leisurely pace how the movement sequences work. Even 10 and 15 km/h are more than enough fast for children. If the child weighs more than 20 kilograms, he can start with the e-board.


Alternatives for children

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to the hoverboard, which are also fun for children. Most of them are plunderingly cheaper, which should also please parents.


Children’s scooters

Stunt Scooter



Juvenile bicycle


Hoverboard Accessories and Extensions

Due to the accessories available on the market, hoverboards are sometimes safer, more comfortable, and easier to transport. Here is an overview of the most important accessories:


Hovercarts – The hoverboard for sitting

Thanks to optional accessories, the Self Balance Scooter can be driven while sitting. All you need is a frame. In the trade, this accessory is called Hovercart or Hoverheat, whereby the Hovercarts are better available here in Germany. The accessories are useful for all those who do not want to drive standing up or still want an extra portion of mobility. Due to the low center of gravity, falls are less likely and you use your board more like a go-kart.


More information about the Hovercart

Hoverboard handlebars

With the help of a handlebar, the hoverboard becomes a “mini Segway”. The rod serves as an additional contact point and ensures a safer driving experience, especially for beginners.

More information about the handlebar

Protective clothing

At speeds of up to 30 km/h, helmet, knee, and elbow pads should be mandatory. Wrist protectors can also be purchased. The footwear should have a non-slip sole.

Carrier bags and covers

For better transport, (waterproof) carrier bags are suitable. best roller skates these have, as with a sports bag, handles. When choosing, make sure that the hoverboard size is taken into account.


Hoverboards are fun, but can only be used to a limited extent as long as the legislator does not implement reforms. Driving is easy to learn, even children from the age of 10 years usually find themselves quickly right. When buying, safety – especially with the battery – should be in the foreground and then nothing stands in the way of the not quite inexpensive driving pleasure.

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