Can You Use A Multitool As A Jigsaw?

‍There’s a caveat to every multitool that you should be aware of before buying one. Every tool has its own specific uses, and most are not interchangeable. Obviously, the ability to use one tool as another is the main reason for having both in the same device. But these devices have their limits, and knowing what they are beforehand will help you make an informed decision on whether to get one or not. With that said, there might be instances where you find a use for your multitool as something else. If you want to know if it’s possible with your specific multitool, read on to see which ones can be used as a jigsaw or not.

What Is A Multitool?

Basically, a multitool is a compact and portable gadget that houses multiple different tools in one unit. It’s generally a handheld device with interlocking components that can be removed from the tool and used individually. These tools are used for a variety of different applications, like opening bottles or tightening screws. Multitools are extremely useful when you’re away from your main tools and need a quick fix. There are two main types of multitools: folding and Swiss Army. Folding multitools are like a Swiss army knife on steroids, as they have a wide variety of tools and can be very large. Swiss army multitools are much smaller and have a set number of tools built into them. Generally, the larger the multitool the more tools are included.

Jigsaw Or Saw Blade Replacement

If you have a folding multitool, you can use the saw blade as a jigsaw. And if you have a Swiss army multitool, you can use the saw blade as a jigsaw saw. The saw blade on a multitool is meant for wood and plastic, so it’s not necessarily ideal for your sawing needs. But it can be used as a jigsaw, provided you go slowly so the blade doesn’t burn or bind. However, if you want to make a full jigsaw replacement out of your multitool, you can’t do it with just the saw blade. You’ll need to use the blade, drill, screwdriver, and pliers. Or, if you have a Swiss army multitool, you can use the screwdriver, saw blade, and pliers.

Can You Use A Multitool As A Drill?

Some multitools are designed to act as a drill. But these are generally large tools with a specific design. Most folding multitools don’t have a strong enough motor to act as a drill. And Swiss army multitools generally don’t have the power behind them either. The exceptions are the Craftsman mechanics Swiss Army and the Gerber Diesel. The Craftsman mechanics Swiss Army has a motor that’s powerful enough to act as a drill. The Gerber Diesel is a bit more powerful than the Craftsman and is a Swiss army tool. The downside to both is that they are more expensive than standard Swiss army or folding multitools.

Which Multitools Have A Jigsaw Blade?

As we stated above, some multitools have a saw blade that can be used as a jigsaw. If you want to tell which ones, you can identify them by their saw blades. But there’s no easy way to tell if the saw blades themselves are interchangeable. That said, you can find a few multitools that have jigsaw blades built into them. The most notable ones are the Swiss Army multitool and the Fisher Space pen. You can see which models have jigsaw blades in the table below:


There are a few niche uses for a multitool that you may not have thought of. And while a lot of these uses are experimental, they do show the versatility of these devices. But you have to be careful when using your multitool as a different tool. Most multitools are designed to cut wood or plastic. And while they may work as a jigsaw or saw, they’re not necessarily built for heavy-duty tasks. So be careful and make sure to research the specific model you’re interested in to see if it can be used for your specific job.

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