Dedicated V/S VPS Hosting Malaysia: Which One is Better?


If you’re planning to run an online business, you’ve seen a lot of choices in web hosting platforms. In this article, you are going to know about the two main web hosting servers-  VPS Server and Dedicated Server. They both play a significant role in building up the website and its functionality. Although there are many differences between the two. Differences like cost, technology, Setup, configuration, and many more. 

Furthermore, you are going to know which one is better Dedicated server or VPS Hosting Malaysia for your online business. 

Definition of VPS Server Malaysia

The VPS Hosting Malaysia is a combination of Dedicated & Shared Servers. A Dedicated Server hosts one client on the entire server, whereas a Shared Server accommodates multiple customers who share all of the server’s resources. A VPS Server, unlike any of these, hosts multiple customers on the same server and splits the real server into several Virtual Servers using virtualization technology. 

Although the users are sharing the same physical server, they each have their own Dedicated Server. Each VPS user gets their piece of the parent server’s hardware resources, which they don’t have to share. 



As Dedicated Server is custom-built to meet the demands of the customer, talking with engineers and building the machine takes time. A VPS Hosting Malaysia, on the other hand, is designed to be set up quickly. Virtual servers are already installed on pre-built PCs and simply need to be activated. With the Best VPS Hosting, you can get your application up and running faster.


Best VPS Malaysia allows multiple members to share the same hardware and storage. As a result, the operating costs are shared among them, making VPS more cost-effective than Dedicated Servers.


Users can install and restart applications on the server at any moment. Although you share a physical server with other clients, your Cheap Malaysia VPS can be restarted without impacting the others, allowing you to run things on your schedule.



Inside a VPS Hosting Malaysia setup, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of configuration, but storage, as well as memory allocation, are limited. You cannot install huge software on the server that could harm the security of other users.


Because the physical server has several users, security compromise in one sector in VPS Hosting Malaysia could be impactful to your website as well.

Definition of Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server allows customers to have access to an entire physical server for the storage and functions related to their website. Users benefit from high performance and solid security because they do not have to share the server’s resources with anyone. If you need to manage a lot of web traffic daily, need enhanced security, or run a highly technical website with your operating system, dedicated hosting is the way to go.



Dedicated servers outperform shared servers in terms of raw performance, such as CPU/GPU capacity, RAM, storage, and other hardware and software features. There are no VPS Hosting and shared servers that can compete with a Dedicated Server because it does not require you to share your resources. You benefit from faster speeds and less latency. If your website has a lot of data-heavy content, such as videos, photos, and other large files. You’ll need a high-performance server to speed up the loading process.


On a shared server, if a client suffers a web hosting safety danger, it might be tough for other users as well. A Dedicated Server is safer because it only serves one customer. It also has greater resources at its disposal, making it easier to prevent security breaches. When your website has a payment system that needs to comply with payment card industry standards, the additional security is very beneficial.


When it comes to setting your server and modifying resource distribution, a dedicated server offers you the most flexibility. A dedicated server will react to these adjustments and keep up in functionality to avoid slowdown if your organization is fast-growing or has moments when there are huge surges in web traffic.


If you choose managed services with your dedicated server. You can relax knowing that the setup process will be maintained by Dedicated engineers and technicians. Customizing or resolving difficulties is also easier because these professionals aren’t confined by other clients or have to engage with other streams of data on the server. They’ll have more options and solutions when faced with problems if they have greater flexibility.



A Dedicated Server will provide you with the best in hosting, from high performance to enhanced security. Therefore it can be costly for the business. However, if you go with the Cheap Malaysia VPS plans you get the best services at a pocket-friendly price. 


Dedicated servers are tough to handle and require a good amount of technical skills. The majority of individuals deal with this by choosing a managed service; however, this can also increase costs.

Which Web Hosting is Better for your Website?

Cheap Malaysia VPS

  • There are companies that have a lot of traffic, a lot of financial transactions, a lot of large media files, or a lot of control over their servers. So for them, VPS Hosting Malaysia is a suitable option.
  • Additionally, the VPS Malaysia is suited for small and midsize businesses. It can assist you to handle traffic and possible surges if you’re just getting started and your web audience is continually growing. 
  • Although, VPS Server Malaysia maintains the performance of your website as well as keeps it consistent even under high-loading conditions. Your website will load faster if you have dedicated bandwidth, Memory, and electricity.
  • Best VPS Malaysia preserves network uptime even when other site traffic unexpectedly floods your website.
  • Buying the VPS Hosting Malaysia plan will give you the most value for your money, making it the best investment for you.
  • To protect your data from cyber-attacks & hackers, you can obtain multilayer optimum security with the VPS Malaysia.


When choosing between Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting, it’s very vital to look for your current business scenario as well as how much you have expected your business to scale. Because finding the correct server to host a website is a time-consuming and difficult task. The options available on the market now can make picking a service quite hard. If you choose VPS Hosting Malaysia for your business you get the best benefits and cheap plans as compared to a dedicated server. 

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