Different Shoe Styles For Girls

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Top Trending Sneakers

One of the shoe styles for women’s footwear is this type of “Sneaker”. The top seller of 2021 and still trending in the shoe market for women’s first choice in the footwear category. Sneakers themselves have a different category. From lace-up sneakers to slip-on sneakers. In lace-up shoe style, they come along with laces and slip-on sneakers come without laces and are perfect for people who find it difficult in tying shoelaces. These types of women’s shoes are perfect to wear anywhere, everywhere. Without any doubt, you can go for choosing these super cool sneakers to slay your outfit perfectly. 

Slides For Women 

This shoe style category comes in casual footwear types. Women who want to make their casual look complete then they can opt for this shoe style for themselves. Slides are an exceptional choice for hot weather. This shoe style can be styled in a variety of different and unique ways. These shoes look super stunning when you pair them with denim, linen pants, or even with skirts. You can select a floral printed slide when you want to pair them with a skirt. This look will give you summer vibes.

Gladiator Heels 

It is one of the oldest shoe styles in the women’s footwear category. Gladiator heels are also known as Greek sandals because they were created in ancient times. These gladiator heels are now available in different styles, making it a hot trend to follow by most women nowadays. Gladiator heels are such shoe styles that can easily be paired with your personality as they have different styles and a big diversity of design. you would better start updating your shoe collection by buying such unique shoe styles to become a fashionista. If you want to know what style of gladiator shoes are trending then it would lower strapped gladiator because they are trending now. 

Ballerina Flats

When you want comfort and style both in a single shoe style then go for this option, called ballerina flats. No other shoes can compete with ballerina flats when it comes to the women’s footwear category. Ballerina flats also come in different styles and designs. Some have a small bow or ribbon you can see in the front, making it look classier and more stylish on the feet. This type of shoe style is also one of those shoes that belong from the 16th century and is still in the fashion of the ’20s. Some people prefer wearing heels over ballerina flats but when it comes to comfort and style then nobody can beat this super chic pair of shoes. 


The most popular and famous shoe types that are trending like fire in the shoe markets are these types of shoe styles. Nothing can beat the class of boots that they carry in themselves. You can turn any ordinary look into a super gorgeous chic look if you just choose the right pair of boots for the outfit. Boots have a wide range of different shoe style categories that will amaze your mind. Find more designs at the RedeemOnSports website and pick a super chick option for your outfit. make sure to remember one thing boots are not only for riding a horse. These super duper shoe styles can be styled in different ways.   

Crocs For Women 

Well, crocs are back in fashion and you need to buy them for yourself. Crocs come in unique styles, designs, or patterns you can say, that can make your whole look a perfect Sunday or evening look. Some people think that crocs are only for indoors but no, they are wrong. This type of shoe style can be worn outdoors as well. These shoes are best for those women who want to give their feet a comfy feel while they are on their duty. Crocs are very much in, and especially travelers are opting for this shoe style because of the comfortable feel these shoes provide to your feet. And we should not avoid this shoe style when it comes to choosing something for your feet that is comfortable like sneakers are. 


Discussing the different styles in the women’s footwear category then how can we forget these life-savior flip-flops also known as chappals in some countries? They are perfect for wearing indoors and outdoors as well (not for a long walk otherwise there is a chance of having blisters on your feet). When you are going for a picnic at the beach, what shoes would you prefer to wear there? The first shoe style that comes to your mind is these flip-flops. Without any doubt, they are perfect to wear at the beaches. The other name for these super cool shoe types is thongs. You can find the different names of these shoes in different countries, so don’t get confused. 

Heels For Women 

I’m 100% sure that this style of shoes is in your shoe drawer, right? I knew it. This type of shoe is such a style that no woman can resist having in her shoe collection. Women like to wear heels for several reasons. The first and the most common reason for wearing high heels is because they increase the height and give the desired height. The sound it produces while you walk on the floor. It is super attractive that gathers the attention of others towards you. Lastly but importantly, it carries a class. Any woman who wears a heel with any outfit increases her beauty and makes her look stylish.

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