Do you require the services of an emergency electrician?

Did you know that in 2017, the Dubai generated approximately 4 trillion kWh of electricity? In 2016, more than 20,000 electricity generators were employed to meet Dubai growing energy demands. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that so many houses require the services of an Electrical Services in Dubai to resolve electrical issues.

Electrical Services in Dubai are safety experts who must learn extensively to perform their duties appropriately. Just in case, keep an electrician’s phone number in your phone book.

But when is it appropriate to contact an electrician?

That’s what you’ll learn in this essay, so stay tuned!

Many Situations Require an Emergency Electrician


A household electrician is available to assist you with both routine electrical maintenance and electrical emergencies. It is not difficult to select a reliable electrician; you need to consider a few factors.

Hopefully, you will never need to call an electrician, but just in case, here are a few instances when you should.

When Fuses Blow Frequently


It is usual for fuses to blow from time to time, but if this occurs regularly.

This usually happens when the system draws more power than the fuses can manage. You can change the fuse yourself, but it’s advisable to have an electrician evaluate the electrical system for any larger issues.

When Switches Feel Hot to the Touch


An Emergency Electrician Dubai solve electrical problem may exist when switches or electrical appliances become warm to the touch for no apparent reason.

For example, if you haven’t used your microwave but it’s warm when you touch it, call an emergency electrician immediately.

Similarly, if light switches feel warm to the touch, this indicates an electrical problem.

When the Lights Flicker


Lights flickering is not normal. This can happen anytime or when you turn on a piece of high-power electric equipment, such as a vacuum cleaner or your refrigerator.

This occurs due to a significant electrical demand placed on the power socket. The light bulbs in your home receive less electricity for a brief period, which causes them to flicker.

An electrician can assist by installing additional power outlets and rewiring heavy equipment.

When Electrical Outlets Are Overloaded


If a power outlet is powering too many gadgets at once, it is a sign that you need to install more power outlets.

Overloaded power outlets can put a strain on your electrical system. This may result in future electrical problems that are costly to rectify.

Excessive Use of Extension Cords


Using extension cables is fine, but if you use too many, your home may have too few power outlets.

An emergency electrician can solve this situation by installing several additional power outlets. Best of all, you can direct the electrician to place them where you need them most, like near your bed or your workspace.

Lightbulbs Degrade Frequently


If your system has an electrical fault, your light bulbs, like fuses, can be burned out quickly.

Instead of simply changing the light bulb and hoping for the best, you should get your electrical system inspected by an electrician.

You receive a large electrical bill.


If you haven’t installed much new equipment recently (no new fridges, freezers, PCs, etc.), yet your electric bill is exorbitant, there’s an issue with your electrical system.

You should contact an emergency electrician to evaluate the issue and determine which circuits are ineffective. This type of issue does not resolve itself.

Switches Produce Mild Shocks


This is a dead giveaway of an electrical problem. One must be address immediately because these gadgets are harmful to use.

Leftover current may store in the appliance. Some of the electricity is pass to you when you touch it.

Call an electrician right away to investigate the situation and save your life.

Your power outlets will not accept three-prong plugs.

A grounded unit is a three-prong plug. It adds extra protection in the event of an electric shock.

Many homes, particularly older ones, have power outlets that only accept two-prong plugs. You should hire a household electrician to replace the old electrical outlets with safer ones.

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