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Electrical Smart Home Solutions With EICR North London

Designed to make your life easier. Think about the comfort, security, design and energy efficiency of tomorrow’s smart homes. EICR North London can make this easier than ever in a residential building. All activities such as glare, lighting, heating, air conditioning and intercom are controlled with the aim of making life easier and smarter. You can operate the center of the house with the touch of a button, remote control, or comfortable chair.

Smart Home-Security System Intercom

Smart intercoms are an integral part of homes. Not only does it allow you to move in and out freely, but it also allows you to control who is in front of your home when it is not you. With EICR North London Intercom Systems, you can control the front door directly from your phone. Here’s how you can open the door with one click and allow real people to enter your home thanks to the camera.

Climate monitoring

If you can rely on one thing, the weather forecast is unreliable. With EICR North London meteorological stations, you don’t have to monitor the weather. You can see it inside out and the rest will be done by the meteorological station. If a hurricane occurs or the temperature is adjusted, you can raise the blinds. You can also adjust the heating according to the weather. Of course, you can follow all the information from your smartphone

Pretend to exist

Presenting modern living solutions and pretending to take home out of tight spaces. You can easily create conditions that will make your home comfortable. Blind people wake up in the morning, the lights turn on at night, and the TV turns on and off. The possibilities are endless.

Motion sensor

Motion sensors are a common part of most smart homes and home security systems. Installing smart sensors is like giving your home your own eyes and ears.

Shock scene

Imagine hearing a strange voice in the middle of the night. You don’t have to panic when you press the trigger button. A single touch of the shock button will brighten your home or garden.


“Smart” is more than just a device connection. It would be wise to take care of home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators and personal computers. Our products not only protect your assets from damage and data loss, but also from potential fire hazards and damage.

Surveillance window

You are already protecting the front door from thieves. What about windows? This is a commonly used access point. It is important to make them safer. The window sensor checks the current position of the window handle and notifies you immediately if there is a change.

Unauthorized access pointer

Your home security does more than protect your property. It is also important to feel safe when you are indoors or outdoors. Knowing that you and your loved ones do not have to worry about dangers such as intrusions, fires and floods, you can lead your daily life. EICR North London intruder alert system keeps your home and family safe at all times.

Comfortable life

More time for everyday things. Start your day with a electrical smart home solution. Smart technology dims the light slightly, but blinds allow you to enter the bedroom for the first time. When you enter the toilet, a motion sensor illuminates the way to the bathroom and a thermostat warms the bathroom comfortably.

Philips Hue LED bulb

Perfect light. By integrating Philips LED lamps into your home automation system, you can illuminate each room individually. Pay attention to features such as bonuses, locations and wallets. Read a book on the sofa, cook, or get together at the dining table. There are countless situations in the home, and light controls allow you to create different lighting plans for your smart home at any time.


Music makes him happy. Wake up in the morning to listen to your favorite songs, relax in the bathroom, or gather around the dining table to play fun music. And of course, everything can be controlled remotely or conveniently at the push of a button.

Volume control

For example, play lights, blinds, thermostats, or your favorite music to talk to or control your home. 

Smart home devices improve energy efficiency Smart home products not only make life safer, more convenient and more enjoyable, but also help save energy and money. Build smart homes that improve when and how electricity is used-Connect appliances to a system that can be controlled from anywhere on your smartphone. This has a positive effect on your budget and environment.

Ability to destroy everything

If you’re out of the house and you’re not sure if you’ve turned off all the lights, the smart shutdown feature makes it easy to turn off all the lights with the touch of a button.

Air conditioning

London Property Inspections with a smart heating and cooling system, you can get the highest temperature every day in every room of the house.

Charging an electric car

It would be great if I could light the car and spend the day. The smart home is equipped with solar panels, an integrated power storage device, and a 100% green self-charging system.

Why EICR North London?

We value the future by introducing new technologies that have a positive impact on the environment. Please contact us by phone for details.

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