Everything you Need to Know About the Viral VSCO Girl Vibe

These days different things are taking over the internet and getting viral and in this guide, we are going to talk about one such thing that is taking over the social media application TikTok. 

You might notice that there are a group of girls that are wearing the same outfits and have the same interest and manners. Yes! you are correct, we are talking about the VSCO girls. You might have come across these girls either online but, if you have not then here we are with a complete guide to tell you everything about the VSCO Girl Style

What is a VSCO Girl?

Okay so first off, let’s start with the basic understanding of a VSCO girl. A VSCO girl is any girl whose aesthetics are influenced but the photo-editing app with the same name VSCO. This application allows you to create and apply filters on your photos and Instagram reels. 

The basic style is a very laid-back approach with some beach VSCO Girl Outfits and the official hashtag of the VSCO girl. It is a very simple and aesthetic approach with some common brands like Crocs, Vans, Urban Outfitters and scrunchies. 

Another thing that the VSCO girls take care of is that they are very conscious of their environment and use Hydro flask water bottles that are decorated with trendy stickers and also use different eco-friendly brands like Birkenstock. 

What are the VSCO Girl Memes?

Now, I am sure that you know the complete vibe of a VSCO girl and how to become a VSCO girl. Along with the images and the trend, the memes of the VSCO girl have also sparked a lot of interest and memers have used the images of the VSCO girls to create a lot of memes. And let me tell you that even the VSCO girls find these memes funny. 

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