Getting rid of textured skin

The science of skincare is not so simple, primarily because the issues that your skin can run into are aplenty. With so many variants that dictate the health of the skin, having a healthy skin is a challenging task. 

Amongst one such challenge is of uneven skin texture. Giving skin uneven appearance, textured skin also makes putting makeup on challenging. 

Caused due to greater buildup of dead skin cells at one point, uneven texture can also reduce the efficacy of your skincare products as well, meriting then the help from a Dermatologist in Rawalpindi. Uneven texture can also make your skin look dull as well. 

The silver lining is that you can take steps to remedy and prevent uneven texture on the skin. 

Getting rid of uneven, textured skin


An easy way to improve the texture of the skin is by exfoliating. This action is aimed at removing the layer of dead skin cells. It also helps in improving skin cell turnover. 

So, try to do regular exfoliation. You can use chemical ones like AHA and BHA, since they are not abrasive, so do not pose the risk of microtears that scrubs generally do. 

While it is recommended that you exfoliate twice or thrice a week, however, over exfoliation is also a phenomenon. So, listen to your skin. If it becomes sensitive, irritated, or inflamed, perhaps decrease the frequency of exfoliation. 

Use lactic acid 

Lactic acid is a good exfoliant that also works to make your skin softer as well. Since texture also makes the skin rough, improving that is also important. 

Unlike the stronger acids, lactic acid can be used more frequently. You can also use lotions that contain lactic acid for maximum impact; using it daily helps in making the skin even and getting rid of texture. 

Invest in vitamin C serum 

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is great for to keep a healthy skin with even tone and texture. Alongside improving the texture of the skin, vitamin C also helps in making your complexion bright and radiant. It is good for keeping the skin moist and looking youthful.

Retinoids are also helpful 

Another ingredient that you should look for in your skincare for improved texture of the skin is retinoid. A derivative of vitamin A, retinoids help in improving skin cell turnover. 

Furthermore, they also help in making the skin brighter and smoother. However, they can be slightly irritating, so you might need to build your tolerance to it. 

Do not skip on sunscreen 

As sun exposure can cause the skin to become textured, therefore, make it a point to diligently use sunscreen. Use an SPF of at least 30. Try to replenish after every two hours. 

Some people think they just have to wear sunscreen when they are stepping out of the house. However, that’s not entirely true; you do get sunlight even in your house, and you need to fight that radiation with a sunscreen. 

Consider Microneedling 

Microneedling is a technique that involves making deliberate punctures or pricks to the skin. This then triggers the body’s healing response. It not only improves circulation to the skin, but it also boosts collagen production as well. Consequently, the appearance of scars and texture improves. 

Maybe think about chemical peel

As the name also suggests, chemical peel using strong chemicals to peel off a layer of the skin. You can ask a doctor to administer the treatment, which his recommended as otherwise, you might burn yourself. 

There are also at-home kits as well, that are made with lesser potency, so are safer. But people with sensitive skin should discuss with their doctor first. 

Getting in professional help 

If the texture is rather complicated, some of these interventions might fall short of delivering. In such cases, more robust techniques like laser treatment might be required. It is thus suggested that you talk to the Best Dermatologists in Lahore for treatment options for uneven skin texture.  

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