Gmail Not Receiving Email, What Should I do to Fix it?

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As a worldwide client, Gmail faces issues and problems very less but still, there are instances where users of Gmail have complained about certain issues that are hampering the proper functioning of the application. 

One such issue with the email application is Gmail unable to receive emails. If you are facing this issue then, it can be very frustrating as you will not be able to receive your important work emails and then work according to them. We know it can be annoying and this is why we are going to tell you the main reasons why am I not receiving emails from Gmail and some simple and common fixes that will help you in fixing these issues. 

So, let’s buckle up and fix this issue so that you can use your email client without any issues. 

Reasons why you are not receiving emails

There can be many reasons why you are not receiving your email in your Gmail account like google servers are down, gmail not receiving emails storage full or Gmail categorizing your emails in wrong folders.

These are only some basic reasons for this issue but as you read the guide and work your way through the solutions you will get to know more reasons as well as their solutions that will help you on fixing this issue. 

General Troubleshooting methods to fix Gmail not receiving emails

  • Make sure the Google Servers are not down

The first thing that you need to make sure of when you face this issue is to see if the servers of Google are not down. Although, this is very rare sometimes the servers of Google can be under maintenance and this is why you might not receive emails. You can check the server status on the website Downdetector.  

  • Check your Spam Folder

Before trying any complicated solution to fix this issue, you need to make sure that the emails are not getting displaced. Check the Spam folder of your email account to see if your email is not there. This can happen if the filters of your Gmail account are not set correctly. If you see that the email is in the Spam folder then you need to reset the filters so that your emails should not be misplaced. 

  • Check your Trash

In the same way, you can also try and check the trash folder of your email account. It can happen that you have accidentally deleted your email or if there is an antivirus program on your computer that may have deleted the email to protect your account. You can recover your email from the Trash folder if it is present there. 

  • Clear some space in your gmail account

Storage is a very major issue when you do not receive emails and if gmail storage full not receiving emails. To fix this issue, you need to clear some space in your Google account for the new emails and then ask the sender to resend the emails again to you.

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