GRE Exam Dates: Vital Things You Should Be Aware Of

Students planning to take the GRE test should find out the latest GRE exam dates to ensure they have adequate time for the scores to be mailed to their chosen institutes. Though the ETS, which conducts the GRE, is always looking to add more GRE exam dates and test centers to facilitate taking the test, it’s recommended that you book your GRE slot early to steer clear of any inconvenience that may crop up during the last-minute rush. Like several other standardized tests conducted internationally, candidates appearing for the GRE will have the liberty to take the test around the year.

In India, Prometric test centers offer the GRE around the year. However, you might get limited availability of GRE exam dates at GRE test centers that aren’t part of the Prometric network. This makes it crucial for you to check a GRE exam date’s availability at your preferred test center before registering.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ETS now conducts the GRE at home too. You can either take the test at a test center or at home. The GRE at home is available around the clock, seven days a week. You can get appointments as early as 24 hours following your registration. However, to appear for the GRE at home, you must meet the mandatory environment and equipment requirements.

You’re Checklist for GRE Registration

You’re Checklist for GRE Registration

You will need to pay the GRE exam fee of $213 (which is approximately INR 16,562 as of the date of writing this article). If you need to reschedule your GRE exam date for some reason or inadvertent circumstances, you can do it online via your ETS account. However, this needs to be done no later than four days prior to the test day. You need to remember that there’s a rescheduling fee of $50 (approximately INR 3,888).

If you want to cancel your GRE registration, you can do it no later than ten days before the test date if you appear for the exam at a test center. If you have chosen the at-home option, your window is no later than four days prior to the test date.

To appear for the test at a test center, you need to bring a physical copy of your valid, original, and acceptable ID. Your ID must exactly match the first and last name you used to create your account and register for the test. In India, you need to bring a valid passport that has your photograph, name (with the first and last name exactly matching the details submitted by you for test registration), and signature.

For test-takers in India, ETS is also accepting the Aadhaar Card temporarily as a primary ID. However, you need to bring the original document, not a printed document or photocopy, as they aren’t acceptable.

Factors to Consider When Selecting GRE Exam Dates

Since not all test centers are open on all GRE exam dates, you need to be careful when deciding which date to take the test. Choosing your test date isn’t all about your availability. You need to consider some other factors too to ensure you pick the right date.

The main factors that come into play when choosing GRE exam dates are:

  • Your application deadlines
  • How far is your chosen test center is
  • Will you have adequate time for retaking the test, if required?

When selecting a GRE exam date, you need to ensure you have adequate time for score reporting to meet the admissions deadlines for the schools to which you are applying. If you have already short-listed the fellowship sponsors or graduate institutions to which you want your scores to be sent, you can request it as part of your test fee. Based on your request, your GRE scores can be sent to a maximum of four fellowship sponsors or graduate institutions. You will need to select your score recipients when you register for a Subject Test. If you want to get your score reports sent to more than four recipients, you can do it for a fee?

Selecting a nearby test center and giving yourself adequate time for retaking the test are other vital considerations. To select the most suitable GRE exam dates, you can rely on a reputed GRE consultant like Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd.

Wrapping Up

Selecting a suitable test date from the various available GRE exam dates is crucial to your success. You shouldn’t rush the process and make a mistake to repent later. If you find the decision tough, you can trust a leading GRE consultant like Jamboree. Visit here to know more about GRE.

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