Hotel Management Courses After 12th Class

After completing your 12th grade, you can enroll in Hotel Management Courses. These courses focus on hospitality skills such as customer service and housekeeping. Usually, you will need to have at least 45 percent in your final grade. You will also need to pass an aptitude test and face an interview. Here is an overview of the prerequisites and admission criteria of these courses. Read on to find out more about these courses and their career prospects.


There are many advantages of taking up a hotel management course after 12th Class. One of these advantages is the potential for good pay. Depending on the level, you can earn anywhere between INR 2,00,000 and INR 6,00,000 per annum. If you are lucky enough to have a good hotel management course, you can even own it! This career option is the ideal choice for individuals who want to run their own business in the hospitality industry.

The hotel industry is a booming industry in India. Until recently, it relied on hiring people and training them. Now, with the world becoming more global, the demand for trained professionals is increasing. As a result, hotel professions are expected to grow more advanced in the future. After completing your 12th grade, you can pursue a hotel management course that offers you a variety of opportunities.

There are a number of Bachelor of Arts (BA) courses that focus on a particular area. BA specialization programs are also called honors programs. The subjects covered during these courses include general knowledge, core BA subjects, and the basics of hotel management. These programs take three years to complete and require 12th grade education or equivalent qualification. Those who complete their hotel management course can expect to earn between 30 and 60K INR per month.

The Bachelor of Hospitality Management course is an undergraduate degree in hospitality management. It typically takes three years, although some colleges offer four-year programs. Prerequisites for admission into these courses vary by institute, with some granting admission on the basis of entrance exams and merit. Hotel management courses cover a broad range of aspects of the industry, including housekeeping and kitchen operations. You’ll be working in different areas, including food and beverage services, front office operations, and hotel-level management.

After twelveth grade, you can choose to take a course in hospitality management from an accredited hotel management school. These courses are taught by industry professionals, and each module is recorded from live workshops. You can also upgrade your course to get a certificate of completion, and one-on-one communication with your instructor. For more information, visit Alison’s learning platform. While this course is free, it is easy to complete and includes over 8000 students.

Admission criteria

After your secondary education, you can opt for the Bachelor of Hotel Administration (BHA) course. This course focuses on the fundamentals of hotel administration and allied subjects. While general management skills are necessary for running hospitality institutes, domain-based management skills are more valuable in a hotel. You can apply to any BHA college with the help of your 12th-class marksheet. Here are some important factors to consider when applying for this course.

Apart from education, the course requires a practical understanding of the needs of hotel customers. Many times, guests do not make it clear what they want or need. Therefore, it is essential for a hotel owner to be situationally aware to identify and anticipate such issues. The course provides you with the necessary tools to prevent these issues and ensure that the customer is happy. You will also learn to spot minute differences in customer behavior and handle them effectively.

You must score a minimum of 55% marks in your 12th class to get admission to a hotel management course. You must have passed at least 50% marks in your 12th grade. The entrance test is conducted in three stages. You should have a minimum of five years of experience in a similar field. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you should also have good communication and teamwork skills. If you are looking for a challenging career, hotel management is the right option. You’ll learn how to manage people, and become a good manager.

The hotel industry is experiencing a boom, thanks to globalization. India is a highly popular destination for tourism. The government is investing in the hotel industry and providing funds to help the hospitality industry develop. By the end of next year, there should be a hotel management stream in the Indian school system. If you’re interested in this career path, the hospitality industry in India is expected to become even more advanced, and you’ll be able to make an international career in the sector.

For admission into hotel management, you must have 10+2 or its equivalent. Most government colleges conduct an entrance examination for hotel management courses. Then, you must take the relevant entrance exam to be shortlisted for admission. Depending on your choice, you can opt for a certificate diploma or a degree program. In either case, you must score 55% or above in your final exam. You can also choose to study for a degree program, which is generally three to four years long. However, there are also diploma courses that last for a few months to two years.


Hotel management is a popular career option for students today. This course has a broad scope and prepares students for the challenges of managing a hotel. Students studying in this course will learn about different sectors in the hotel industry, including front-office and accommodation management. Moreover, they will learn how to be strategically efficient. The duration of these courses ranges from six months to two years. After completing class twelve, students can pursue their undergraduate courses in hotel management.

There are many advantages of taking up these courses. First of all, they are highly entertaining and challenging. They are also relevant to many different fields, offering numerous job opportunities. The more you know about the hotel industry, the more benefits you stand to gain. Hence, it is important for students to choose the best course after their 12th grade and apply online. This is an ideal way to explore your interests and assess your career aspirations.

The second benefit of taking up a hotel management course is the variety of careers that you can pursue after completing your secondary education. This course provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary for key positions in the hotel industry. The duration of these courses varies depending on the college you choose. The tuition can cost between 1.5 lakhs to five lakhs, and it is possible to earn a hotel management degree in three years, depending on your academic background.

While you’ll be trained to handle all the departments in a hotel, it is also important to have strong interpersonal skills, as they will be dealing with people and unforeseen situations on a daily basis. Hotel management courses will teach you how to work in a team, and you’ll learn how to maintain great relations with staff and guests. Lastly, you’ll learn how to keep track of details, and how to be vigilant.

You can choose between a diploma course and a degree course. Diploma courses usually last six months to one year and provide more career options than a certificate course. Moreover, diploma courses will open the doors for entry into any hotel industry position. These courses are widely available both online and offline, and you can even choose the one that works best for you. The best ones include the Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Certificate in Housekeeping, Maritime Catering, and Hotel Operations.

Career prospects

After completing your secondary education, you can pursue hotel management courses. These courses will equip you with both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the hospitality industry. It is a great way to explore your interests and evaluate your career goals. Here are some of the steps to follow to pursue these courses:

You should be aware of the various job opportunities available to hotel management graduates. As the hospitality industry is highly competitive, you can select the department that suits your interests. During your training period, you can expect to earn around Rs. 10,000-13,000, and your pay will increase according to your performance. Similarly, if you want to work with the armed forces or railways, you can choose catering departments as a career option.

You can pursue Bachelor of Arts (BA) in hotel management after completing your 12th standard. It is a three-year course that combines core BA subjects with a concentration in a particular domain or area. This course requires a minimum of 50% in your 12th board exams. Once you complete this course, you can enter the hospitality industry with an average starting salary of INR 2,50,000. But before you join, be sure to acquire the basic knowledge and skills.

Apart from gaining theoretical knowledge, hotel management courses require practical training in order for graduates to apply their learning to the real-world environment. This ensures that graduates are well-rounded individuals who are able to adapt to changing demands and help the various departments of a hotel. With on-the-job training, you can even choose to own your own hotel. There are many advantages to this type of course. For one, you can work in a large hotel or manage a small one.

Once you have completed your course, your career prospects are very wide. Not only do you get job opportunities in big hotel chains, but you can also work for a large cruise line or merchant navy. And because of the wide scope, you can enjoy travel to different countries and meet dignitaries throughout your life. In addition, you may even get free travel if you choose to do this course. If you love working with people, hotel management courses may be the perfect option for you.

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