How can I know if my BNX N95 mask is real?

As COVID-19 variants surge, there has been an increasing call on people from all walks of life to keep safe by always wearing masks. The BNX N95 mask has proven to be the most effective against these variants. It provides a high level of protection. 

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of N95 has made it the subject of counterfeits. The Department of Homeland Security seized 11 million fake N95s in recent weeks. Many of these masks were meant for frontline health workers and those at great risk of Covid. 

With such developments, you may wonder how to ensure you only get genuine masks. Here are some tips to consider:

#1: Approval stamp 

You will want to ascertain that your N95 mask has been tested and approved by NIOSH to reduce the chances of it being a fake. NIOSH issues approval numbers for this mask, and the name itself must be well-spelled on the mask. 

Confirm that the mask has the writing “NIOSH-approved.” The masks are normally required to meet specific criteria before receiving such approval. One common test involves checking the seal to the face. You can also confirm the manufacturer number is part of the NIOSH-Certified Equipment list. 

#2: Reasonable pricing

Even though this might seem like the most unlikely factor to consider, it plays a significant role in calling out fake N95 masks. Always start by checking the current average price for these masks in the market and compare that with the list price on your preferred vendor. 

Two key elements are involved here when the mask is fake. The price may be set too low to excite you to buy quickly. Alternatively, it can be priced high to create a false impression of top quality. 

Legitimate manufacturers will keep their prices within the industry standard despite the changing demand and supply. 

#3: Kids’ masks do not have NIOSH approval

NIOSH is designed to specifically regulate adult products. Thus, if you are looking for a mask for your kids, do not expect to find one with such approval. 

That provides you with another metric for calling out a fake mask. If you notice that an N95 mask is created for children and has this approval, immediately mark it as a fake. 

There are no N95 masks for children, but you have alternatives like the KN95. You will find these from the same brand as the N95, such as BNX.

#4: Ear loops

A genuine N95 mask is designed without ear loops. Instead, they incorporate a headband or strap. The design is adopted as effective protection and ensures viruses do not have any spacing to get to you. More importantly, NIOSH does not approve masks with ear loops because they do not have good fitting characteristics. 

Even though any mask is better than none, you want to ensure you get the protection you deserve. BNX provides high-quality and genuine N95 masks approved by relevant authorities.

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