How Do I Set up my Android TV?

If you are here reading this blog then it is possible that you have bought yourself a brand new android TV and you need to set it up from scratch now. You do not need to worry this article will provide you the assistance you need to ‘set up my TV’. 

If you learn the process for the set up once, you can use it anytime you want and not only this but the procedure is not too difficult to execute. So, without any further addons let us move ahead to know about the procedure which you can use. 

Requirements for setting up an Android TV

Before we move ahead to the steps to set up the TV we would advise our readers to get the things handy which are listed below as you will need them for setup

  • You must have a good Wi-Fi connection on your device 
  • You must have access to a Google account 
  • You must have the Google home app on the mobile device you are using

In case, your TV does not have an android TV built in, then you will need the following things – 

  • You will need an external android TV device 
  • You will need a TV or a monitor which has HDMI ports and also supports high bandwidth digital content protection also known as HDCP 
  • You will also need a HDMI cable which is usually provided with the box itself. 

Steps to set up a Android TV for yourself 

  • For the initial step the users need to first turn on their android Tv and then pair up the remote with it. If you have already paired up your remote then you can skip this step and if not then you need to do it quickly, for guidance visit
  • After setting up the remote you need to click yes, when there is a prompt on your TV saying “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?
  • Now, open the Google app which has already been installed on the mobile android device you are using. 
  • After opening it you need to type “set up my device” and then hit the search button. 
  • Now, you will see some instructions on the screen which you need to follow until you are able to see a code on your mobile device. 
  • You need to ensure that the code on the mobile device and Android Tv are the same. 
  • Now, on your mobile device you need to tap on the name of your TV device when you see it for 
  • In order to finish up the procedure for setting up TV you need to execute and follow all the instructions and steps which are given for you on your TV. 

If you are seeking for more ways using which you can set up your TV, then you can try to visit sites like Experts Badge where you will get all the information you are looking forward to.

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