How Essay Writing Service Can Increase Your Grades

A good Essay Writing Service provider must be well known for writing essay papers and assignments that are persuasive to its audience or two anyone who reads it, in this case here, the professor who assigned the essay writing task. There question here is how to write a Persuasive Essay and in this guest post, you will have a clear idea of it by the end.  

If you have been struggling to write a persuasive essay or are tired of doing reworks for your essay, or you may be a college or high school going student and find it difficult to write a persuasive essay writing assessment, then do not worry anymore, come to Great Assignment Help is a reputed Essay Writing Service company and we recommend you to get your writing queries solved. Below there is a list of necessary guidelines that a reputed writing agency follows for writing great essays.  

Let us first understand how is persuasive essay different from a normal essay and how it is better. 

How Is A Persuasive Essay Different From A Regular Essay? 

A persuasive essay tells a lot about the topic and tries to persuade or convince the readers that their point of view is true and valid. 

  1. Beginning point – Select a topic and select your side of that topic (choose a topic that is debatable)
  2. Meaning – persuade your reader to abide by your thoughts
  3. Tactics – 
  • Pathos – clearing the reader’s emotions with correct facts
  • Ethos – Appeal to the writer’s trust and reliability
  • Logos – Based on the logic of your topic
  1. Opposite views – important demands on the perspectives of your opponent
  2. Intensity – Emotionally charged 


The four Effective Steps For Writing A Persuasive Essay 

  1. First and foremost thoroughly read and understand the directions for writing

Before starting with your writing, know what exactly you have to write and every detail about the topic. Divide it into different segments– 

Where do you want to stand on the topic, for or against 

Support your chosen side with relevant examples and appropriate instances 

Try predicting and addressing the concerns and arguments of your readers 

Do not make errors grammatically, in punctuation and spelling.  

Choose which topic or writing matter you are going to write on

When you have an open choice for a topic, decide on something that you have some previous knowledge about or something that you truly believe in and connect to. This will help you in proficient discussions, try to find such similar samples on google and understand the flow and essence of the essay. 

Do deep research on your topic

Your persuasive essay is a success if only you have done an approrpiate research on the topic of your essay. You must have detailed and strong proof of your topic. Your experience and knowledge do have a role but does not completely leave on it, there is more to it. Do your research from different sites and references, and take help from the for subject matter experts in that field. The best way to find information is from books and encyclopedias, online write up guides, or even real people who specialize in that subject matter. 

Have a clear list of the advantages and the disadvantages of the issue you are writing about


why your points will stand apart, the reasons behind it 

How will it attract the attention of the readers 

What is the importance  of your topic of writing 


What might cause your audience to not like it 

What possible negative impact it may have on your readers 

Write your essay in the form of a thesis statement by choosing your position

There are always two sides to an argumentative essay or writing, you need to make sure which side of the argument you will be supporting. You need to do a good research about your support side so that you provide effective solutions to the existing problems on the topic you write. Write your thesis statement in such a way that your view point is opposed. This is your purpose statement. Make sure to keep it brief but have a good impact on the readers with it, and have the foundation of your essay. And, it is your final call to choose a Do My Essay company that will take care of all that. 


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