How technology is helping in creating new fashion design?

It is believed by the end of 2030 fashion industry will become an industry of $3.3T. Fashion industry is growing, evolving, and altering at a much more rapid pace.

Thanks to the technology which infusion has made the work of designers easy. From the sewing of fabric manually by people to the use of a robot to get this job done. From the introduction of new designs after meticulous research to the Al algorithm predicting the new fashion style this is how technology contributed to this industry.

Fashion designers are now keener to introduce new fashion along with achieving sustainability. Because fashion industry has remained a source of polluting environment. Because chemical use during the manufacturer of fabric and turning of fabric into suit. Chemicals are either disposed to rivers or it enter into the atmosphere in the form of harmful gases.

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In this blog, I am going to talk about how technology is helping designers to introduce a new design in the fashion industry.

 3D printing in fashion 

Let’s put you in a situation you are called to attend an event. You navigate through your wardrobe and don’t find any suitable dress which can be worn now what you do? Here comes the importance of a 3D printer you will download a file of a dress of your own choice. Send it to your 3D printer and print your dress to your measurement.  One thing is clear 3D printing in the fashion industry works in favor of people and the environment. Both because it doesn’t emit any harmful material into the environment.

 Benefits of 3D printing 

  • 3D-based clothing are reusable and recycle, in short good for the environment.
  • It eliminates the waiting time.

Brands using 3D technology

Nike, Adidas’s, NASA and Victoria’s secret are using the 3D technology. 

New ways to learn fashion

Technology has given the opportunity to the designers that they can also commence from scratch. All they need is consistency and passion, social media platforms are flooded with people who are associated with the fashion industry. They teach other aspirant either by using the platform of YouTube. Or by forming a paid course for people. Moreover, those who are already linked with this industry can polish their skills or bring more improvement in their work. By connecting themselves with those designers who have s huge fan following on Instagram. 

New tools

Advance technological tools have made the work of designers easier and made professionals more productive and innovative. In addition to it choosing the right color is also important, in fashion design. New tools have opened several color and shades for designers which they can mix and make for their design. 

Machine learning

After the advent of the computer, it has let design take their design to the next level. This in itself has brought massive achievement for them. One of the major software include CAD. That allow to Draw and imagine new design, from this technology new design originate. 

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has boon blessed the technological sector. Due to its miracles, in the fashion industry artificial intelligence. It is contributing in the form of predicting new fashion designs. Dictated by the current fast-changing environment of fashion.

Digital fashion

Okay it was fine till we heard about the fashion existing in the real world. But do you know technology has changed the dynamic of this industry to the extent. That new fashion is also introduced in the virtual world now you must be wondering what I have just said and passed. Okay let me explain you, suppose you are playing a video game and the game. Asks you to buy the hat or purse or any dress so that you could complete your mission. Now buying that thing will only be possible in the virtual world.  You can use that thing in the game only. In short, could use only virtually by paying the price may be virtually in the form of crypto currency.



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