How to draw Santa Claus

How to draw Santa Claus

Discover how to draw a beautiful Santa Claus with new drawing ideas and a simple tutorial step by step. You can now easily create a nice drawing of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a frequent view in December in large parts of the world that decorate Coca Cola products, children’s books, atmosphere, etc. While Christmas or variations have been celebrated for centuries, Santa Claus, as we know it today, is a relatively recent invention.


The roots of Santa Claus are generally attributed to Bishop Saint Nicolas in the 4th century and the European divinity Wodan, including Odin. Nicholas was known for his generosity and was recalled in early December. This month, Yule celebrations for Odin and other ghosts are also celebrated. Finally, they were recorded during Christmas celebrations on December 25.


The recent arrival of Santa Claus was related in 1823 in the poem “The night before Christmas” and made famous in political caricatures. During the 20th century, marketing specialists used this image and sold products from food and drinks to decorations, toys, and clothing. Do you want to draw Santa Claus? Everything you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and this simple tutorial and step by step. You can also use gum to be embarrassed and a marker, colorful pens, pencils, or colors.


Drawing Santa Claus

Step 1:

First, pull an oval to describe Santa’s head.

Step 2:

Draw a smaller oval in the first to shape your nose.

Step 3:

Develop two curved lines on each side of the nose so you can meet in blunt points. It forms the mustache.

Step 4:

Draw a wavy and broken line and surround a shape from one side to the head to the other. It forms the beard.

Step 5:

Develop two long curved lines of the beard and describe the body. Join the lines with a long curved line. The Mainline is the pinpoint. Draw a long broken line at the bottom of the figure.

Step 6:

Outside your arm with a long curved line from the shoulder and upper body. Draw a briefer curved line to form the different flank of the arm.

Step 7:

Enter the round sleeve by drawing a series of short connected, short and curved lines.

Step 8:

Close your hand with a curved line. Add details where the thumbs and fingers strike by drawing a short curved line.

Step 9:

Remove the guidance lines from the writing. Draw a round rectangle on one flank of the upper body to form the belt loop. Then draw a series of parallel lines that extend from each of the three visible sides of the strap buckle and end on the edge of the upper body.

Step 10:

Draw the Santa Claus toy bag. Draw a wavy line under his hand to display the bag’s opening. Spread a long curved line from his hand, delete it on his shoulder, and finish at the bottom of the figure. Draw a shorter curved line that extends out of your hand and shoulder. Remove directives if necessary.

Step 11:

Draw three short bent lines that extend from the bottom of the figure to describe your legs. Connect the lines with a covered line. Enter the brassard of each leg with a broken line.

Step 12:

Draw Santa’s boots. Develop a long curved line of the cuff for each trunk to describe the bottom of the shoe and form the top of the shoe. Connect the top of the shoe with a short line with the cuff and draw a parallel line at the bottom of the case.

Step 13:

Draw Santa’s other arms by widening a long curved line of the shoulder. Enter an irregular circle to display your hand and use a broken line to form the handler. Remove directives if necessary.

Step 14:

Enter Santa Claus hat with a broken line.

Step 15:

Draw a circle to form the swollen ball at the end of the hat. Define it with a few short lines and curves. Connect it with two long curved lines with the edge of the hat.

Step 16:

Draw two curved lines between the parts of the mustache to display your mouth, and draw each eyebrow with two curved lines.

Step 17:

How to draw Santa Claus

Draw a circle in a rotation per eye. Draw a small circle in each eye and shade around him.

Step 18:

How to draw Santa Claus

Santa Claus color. He usually wears a red suit with white equipment. No more Christmas tutorials and winter labels.

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