How to Extract Twitter Followers in Bulk via Power Query?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Twitter”. Answers can be diverse, but all of us are well aware that Twitter is something having an upper hand on all social platforms. Being one of the most fetched social platforms, the community of the users there is quite large. Celebrities, politicians, Sportsmen and many renowned personalities have their official accounts there. 

Like all social platforms, the get real followers, likes, shares, and comments are the primary concerns of anyone fetching twitter for logical purposes. When you have progressed well on Twitter, and now the likes and followers you have are in bulk, then things can get messy if not sorted instantly. You do not have to make massive searches for that. Microsoft Excel is here. 

Nothing has eased the lives of people more than Microsoft. Microsoft Excel, being a part of this progeny, is no different. There are devices and elements you can consider to ease up the weight of your information. Now the question may arise as if it is possible to extract Twitter followers using Microsoft Excel or not? 

What translates into Power Query?

Power Query on excel is the option that sorts your data symmetrically. It proceeds for the visual association of your data, all the way from source to excel. With Power Query (known as getting and Transform in Excel), you can import or associate with outer information, and afterward shape that information, for instance, eliminate a section, change an information type, or consolidate tables, in manners that address your issues. Then, at that point, you can stack your inquiry into Excel to make graphs and reports.

How to Extract Twitter followers in bulk via power query

The “power question” choice isn’t straightforwardly accessible on every one of the renditions of Microsoft succeeds.

Here is how you can use it:

Step 1: if you are given raw data, and you are supposed to extract Twitter followers from it, you can easily do that. Firstly, make your raw data filled in a general workbook of the excel. You can simply do it by pasting the data from the relevant file into a Microsoft Excel workbook. 

Step 2: save this workbook as you will need it at the time of applying the “power query” option. 

Step 3: now open a new workbook on excel and of to the data menu from the main bar at the top. 

Step 4: on the data menu, you will see another option namely “get and Transform Data”. Click this one. 

Step 5: now you will be asked for the source from which you want to import the data. As you have saved the data already in a workbook so click the “the workbook” option and wait for the list to load. 

Step 6: Select the form you want to see your data in, either table, pivot chart, or only connected. You can make a choice from the menu that appears soon after the import of data. 

Step 7: Specify the parameter you want, the followers, separate from the rest of the data. You can pursue a decision from the menu that shows up not long after the import of information.

Step 7: as the query power option works to separate the merged data, the number of followers you have will be extracted from the rest of the data. You can easily check it. 

When these Twitter followers are extracted, that does not necessarily mean the separation of these followers from the rest of the data. It simply means alignment. 

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