How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working Issue?

Facebook Messenger Not work

In terms of social media, Facebook is one of the most widely used. Messenger is the name of Facebook’s messaging service. Messenger used to be a part of Facebook, but it has since been separated into its own app. To send and receive messages from your Facebook contacts, you’ll need to install this app on your Android device. There have been many improvements and additions to the app over the years. Other messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Hike would be hard-pressed to compete with features such as stickers and reactions.

Like any other app, Facebook Messenger isn’t completely error-free. Numerous bugs and glitches have been reported by Android users. When using Facebook Messenger, you may experience issues such as messages not being sent, conversations being misdirected, contacts not appearing, and even app crashes. This article is for you if you’re having issues with Facebook Messenger or if it doesn’t work. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be here to answer them for you, as well.

I’m unable to open the Facebook Messenger app

The most likely cause of your inability to log in to Messenger is a lost or forgotten password or some other type of technical issue. To get around this problem, there are a few different options.

To begin, simply go to and sign in using your computer’s default web browser. Sending and receiving messages on a computer does not necessitate the use of a separate app. Go to Facebook’s website on the browser and log in with a user name and password. Accessing your messages has never been easier. Simply click on the Forgot Password option and Facebook will walk you through resetting your account’s password.

Messages are not being sent or received.

Using an older version of Facebook Messenger may prevent you from being able to send or receive messages. Stickers, for example, can only be used with the most recent version of the app. To fix the problem of Facebook Messenger not working, follow the steps outlined below:

* Go to the Playstore first. Three horizontal lines can be found in the upper left corner. Then click on them.

* Select “My Apps and Games” from the drop-down menu.

* Check to see if there are any pending updates for Facebook Messenger.

* In this case, simply press the “update” button to the right.

* When Facebook Messenger gets a new update, try using it again to see if you can fix any issues.

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