How to fix printer error HP oxc19a0020?

error HP oxc19a0020

HP printers come with an assured printing experience for their users. They are equipped with a variety of features that will ensure it is more reliable and adaptable when it is employed. Furthermore it is an HP printer allows you to run not just one, but a variety of tasks which include printer error, printing, copying, scanning, faxing and many more. It also allows you to be flexible with printing, scanning and copying needs that you can do anywhere in your house using wifi connectivity. It’s therefore a must for offices, homes as well as schools and other organizations to make the performance of your work much more efficient.

Even with such a high-quality method, HP printers, similar to other machines, have issues when performing the essential task. These errors are caused by different factors, such as improper connections, drivers that are not compatible on your computer as well as loose cables and wires and many more.

This article will discuss how to fix the HP printer error oxc19a0020. It is an error in the ink cartridge that shows the error message “Ink system error OXC19a0020” to your monitor. If you encounter an error like this it is possible to directly contact the technical support team to get assistance from an expert. But, you may also consider following the suggestions described below and then try to resolve the issue yourself.

Fixing printer error HP oxc19a0020

Take a look at the steps below to eliminate printer error HP OXC19A0020

Disconnect your cartridges for ink and put them in their place

  • Take your USB cable out of your HP printer and turn the power supply turned on.
  • Open the cover of the printer and remove the ink cartridges.
  • Close the cover while your printer is operating. Then, wait for a prompt telling you to insert the Ink Cartridge.’
  • Turn the power switch off to turn off the power supply. Finally, remove the power cable from the printer.
  • Then, wait about one minute before reconnecting your power cable. If the machine does not start to open automatically it is necessary to switch off the power switch.
  • After that, place the ink cartridges that you removed earlier into their respective places and close the door of your printer.
  • Then, connect your printer to your computer via the USB cable that you took out prior to connecting, and verify that the printer is printing documents correctly.

Second Step: Look for ink spillage

  • Start the process by shutting off the printer.
  • Then, make sure you remove the cartridges for ink from the printer. Then examine any packing material that has remained like tape, plastic or tape that remains within the.
  • Clean any ink leakage that is visible on your cartridge or printer by using a cotton swab. Make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Examine the link status of the cartridges. If the cartridge is at low levels of ink Replace it with original cartridges.
  • Clean all cartridges, remove the ink cartridges and then unplug the printer for around one minute. After that, check to see if ink is still leaky. If not, you’re all set and can begin printing over again.

Step 3. Clean your cartridges for ink

  • If the above methods do not help you solve the printer issue, attempt cleaning the ink cartridges with gentle pressure to eliminate the issue. Use a lint-free cloth that is soaked in distilled water to cleanse the cartridges.
  • Use the same cloth to wash the areas you’ve washed.
  • Then, before placing them back into their slots, it takes about ten minutes for the cartridge ink to be dried.
  • When the problem or error message continues to persist, you might consider trying to fix it using your control panel. If everything goes smoothly then you’re good to go. Thank you for printing!


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