How to Improved High Ticket Close Rate in One Month

Whether you’re new to sales or a seasoned pro, becoming a high ticket close can be a great way to free up more time for the things you want to do. Here’s how to do it:


Why invest in personalization? It can significantly improve a business’ value. In an uncertain world, personalization offers a compelling return on investment. Yet, there are significant challenges to implementing personalization. Many companies have a distributed workforce, and data is dispersed across silos. Here are three steps to personalization success. Invest in your people. Hire people with the right skills.

Make customer experience a priority. Customers today want a personalized shopping experience. While a high percentage of high ticket closer shoppers begin their journey online, it’s still important to be ultra-human. Consider integrating live video chat into your website. It helps customers interact face-to-face with a live sales agent when they have a question. Customers can also ring a digital bell to speak with a live person. This personal touch sets you apart and builds rapport – both of which are essential for high ticket sales.


Become a high ticket closer. High ticket closers are not traditional salespeople. They detach from the sale and focus on the relationship and a prospect’s pain points and needs. They spend time listening and asking questions about their prospects. To become a high ticket closer, you must have excellent listening skills. You must also know the pain points, goals, and aspirations of your prospects.

Find high ticket clients online. Connect with people who share a common background. For example, a fitness trainer looking to close a client should connect on LinkedIn. From there, you can negotiate commission structures and finalize contracts with clients. Make sure you know the industry of your client to maximize your chances of obtaining business. High ticket closers must be well versed in both sales and persuasion skills to succeed.


If you’re looking to improve your high ticket close rate in a month, follow up conversations with your prospects are an essential component of your sales cycle. Effective follow-ups go beyond automated emails and repetitive calling. A successful salesperson makes their follow-ups more valuable to their prospect by offering advice, industry knowledge, or an understanding of their problem. Using a multidimensional approach to your follow-up conversations will make them more effective and help you develop long-term relationships with your leads.

High Ticket Closer is a how-to training course promoted by Dan Lok. It teaches you how to find and market high ticket products, and close deals. It teaches you not only the technical aspects of sales, but also human psychology and behavior. You don’t need to know a lot of complicated sales techniques to become a high ticket closer. Instead, it teaches you how to use follow-ups to make sales and keep your customers happy.

Building rapport

If you want to improve your sales and increase your profits, building rapport is the key. In fact, it is the number one reason why you succeed in sales. Developing rapport is not only important for sales, but it is also essential for personal relationships. To get a promotion, you need to earn your boss’s trust and develop leadership skills. To build rapport with your new friends, you must be able to trust them. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools that you can use to achieve this goal.

Own your results. High-ticket closers don’t blame themselves for failure. They don’t ask for anything in return. They show up ready for whatever comes next. Taking ownership of your outcomes is one of the best ways to change your state of mind. Once you do this, you’ll find that your performance skyrockets. The same principle applies to your own sales team.

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