How To Maintain Healthy Love Life In Your Late 40s 

Despite being in their 40s, 50s, or 60s, everybody seeks a teenager’s energy, especially regarding their sex life. But we have to face reality. A lot changes during the fourth decade of life, and sexual desire is no exception. Hormonal changes, dissatisfying relationships, disappearing fertility, children leaving the nest, and aging or dying parents are enough reasons for a faded sex life during the 40s.  

Healthy sex life after the 40s is challenging but not unattainable. There are not one but multiple ways to keep up the sexual desires even if you think you have hit quite the age count. Here’s a blog piece dedicated to six practical ways you can implement to wake up your sexual self and enjoy sex in your 40s and beyond.   

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  1. Accept The Changes in The Body of Your Partner 

The age might influence one or both the partners, and that’s okay. All you need to do is accept the change and admire it along your sex journey. For instance, your female partner might go through a lull, and her sexual desire might have compromised. Instead of blaming her, try to understand the reason and find a solution together.   

Similarly, your man might have conditions like erectile dysfunction or lower testosterone levels. Try to talk to him instead of bringing him shame. You can discover ways to overcome these conditions, such as enrolling in a TRT therapy online. Testosterone therapy improves erectile dysfunction as well as increases libido. 

Once you embrace the changes in your partner’s body, then only you might move forward to having better sex.  


  1. Communication is the key

One of the super significant elements of a happy and healthy love life is communication while in bed. When you communicate your emotions with your partner, whether physical or mental, you develop an intimacy within. Moreover, giving attention to your partner while they are expressing might make them feel valued and, in turn, attracted to you.  

On top of all, you should always communicate your sexual needs or fantasies upfront with your partner. Talking about sexual desires in the bed with your partner will only ensure a satisfying bedtime experience. Most couples skip communication and stay deprived of an intimate connection with their partner. However, the thing is, your minds should communicate before your legs interact.  


  1. Shift Your ‘Love-making’ Mindset a Little 

The definition of sex is not limited to carnal desires.  While it’s the stereotype, you can shift your mindset a little. In reality, sex is not merely having intercourse. When you are in your 40s, it is the time when you think it is more of an ‘intimate physical contact’ than just intercourse. In a study, only 18.4% of women affirm that intercourse alone is sufficient to reach orgasm, while 81.6% of women reach orgasm from intercourse and an additional clit stimulation.  

Instead of the typical approach, while you are in your 40s, you can consider other love-making acts like cuddling, kissing, sensitive touching, and genitals rubbing together. Remember consenting mutually for selecting the sexual act that conveys intimacy to both equally.  


  1. Build a Connection Before Intercourse 

With aging, reaching a pinnacle becomes difficult. Moreover, if it is the ultimate goal of love-making, instead of fixing the climate, connecting with the partner might help even better. Perhaps, you might enjoy the process of connecting with your partner as much as you find pleasure in orgasm.  

Initiate intimate conversation with your partner before you get under the sheets. Plus, you can grow closer to your partner while intimate talking and connection building. Listening to your partner in the bedroom is essential to having pleasurable sex.  


  1. Sex Adventures are Fine Even in the 40s & Beyond 

Research shows genital vibration in men and women results in enhanced sexual function. Women already in their 50s find using vibrators the most reliable and satisfying way to achieve orgasm compared to mere vaginal intercourse. That said, there is nothing wrong with getting adventurous in the bedroom via using sex toys.  

As we age, we require mightier stimulations for satisfying and pleasurable sex. And sex toys like vibrators are perfect for rendering it. The new experience of using sex toys might be exciting for both partners and prove a positive kickstart to sexual desires in the late 40s. Additionally, you get an opportunity to explore your partner’s bodies in a new and exhilarating way.  


  1. Maintain a Good Heart Health For a Pleasurable Sex Life   

A healthy cardiovascular system is paramount to sound sex life. Hence, maintaining stable physical health is super important even in the 40s to have better sexual experiences. Moreover, looking in shape and feeling fit might help a few to gain additional confidence while performing sexually. Hence, anyone in their 40s should consider hitting the gym to achieve a libido boost.  


In Conclusion 

Above and beyond, your sex life is entirely in your control. We agree that aging is a potent influence factor in driving sex life. However, with the above tips, we guarantee that at least your sex life in the 40s will improve if it doesn’t get the best.  


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