How to Travel for Free (or almost): Our Six Tips

As travel bloggers, to travel the world is the dream of many people, but there are many problems with achieving this dream. Indeed, it takes time, you have to manage to get around the restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in many countries, and – above all – you have to have enough money available. This last problem could however be solved quickly… Did you know that there are ways to travel for free? You just need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and find the opportunity that fits your needs.

Seasonal worker or volunteer

The first idea is to get hired as a seasonal worker. Some websites allow you to find short-term jobs (sometimes even a few weeks, just vacation time) which are also perfect for those who want to travel and enjoy. Whether it’s working in a hotel on the beach or as a ski instructor, you can stay and eat for free and, in some cases, receive a salary.

The Workaway site, for example, allows you to find small volunteer jobs that require no more than 5 hours of work per day in exchange for a free stay.

House-sitting and house swapping

Other job opportunities that allow you to travel for free include housekeeping or “house-sitting”. It’s about taking care of someone else’s house, staying there without spending a penny while you’re on vacation. Often the offer is also valid for dog sitting.

Many sites offer to connect people who want to exchange their house or apartment, for a short time.

Delivery person or guide

Do you like the idea of ​​the road mother daughter trips? The company Auto Driveaway launched an interesting project in the United States some time ago. Onboard a car paid for by the firm. You will have to reach a certain destination within a certain time (to deliver the car itself or particular objects). The salary you receive for this job can easily be used to enjoy your vacations along the way.

In short, if you are ready to devote a few hours of your time to odd jobs. Traveling for free is no longer a utopia. Of course, remember that during a pandemic, many countries are not accessible to tourists. Where it is possible to cross their borders. Strict security measures may be put in place, such as a quarantine period. That’s why you should always inform yourself carefully before planning your vacation.

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