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Important Tips for Cleaning Your Throw Cushions At Home

An easy method of making your interiors come to life is placing cushions on your sofas, couches, chairs, and divans. However, naturally, with use, the cushions will become grubby and stained, especially if there are active children and pets in the house. You will need to clean your decorative cushions from time to time to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Some proven and trusted methods of cleaning your throw cushions at home:

Wash the Cushion

There is nothing like a good wash to get our cushion squeaky clean. You need to remove the cover from the cushion since both needs to be washed separately for best results. Check the care label on both the cushion and the cover to know how you should wash them. You can throw most of them into the washing machine without any problem. However, cushion covers made of silk, wool, or other fancy fabrics should ideally be dry cleaned by professionals to prevent the colors from running and the fabric shrinking. You should only spot-clean leather or suede cushion covers

If there are any visible stains on fabrics like cotton, polyester, linen, etc., you should soak the soiled parts in a pre-treatment solution available commercially. You should, thereafter, wash with warm water and a soft-bristle brush. Because most cushion inserts are made of synthetic materials, you can machine wash them with warm water using a delicate wash cycle. The laundry detergent should be mild to prevent damage to the material and the colors. Most cushion cover online cleaning guides will tell you to follow the prescribed drying instructions for the cover and the cushion.

Dry the Cushion Completely 

While the washing routine will ensure that your cushions are clean, you must dry them properly before putting them back into their covers. If the cushions are damp, there is every chance you will start noticing a musty smell, which is due to the formation of mold and mildew. After washing and drying them in the washing machine, you should hang them out in a well-ventilated place but out of direct sunlight so that the cushions dry completely. According to Love to Know, putting the covers on the cushions when drying ensures a better fit.

Depending on the weather, the drying process can take time so it is best to wash your cushions when sunny. During the washing process, the materials inside the cushion may have got clumped, so it is necessary to fluff them. While you can do it by hand, it is easier to use the dryer. Use a no-heat setting to dry the cushion before putting it inside the cover. Using dryer balls in a pillowcase can help.


While regular cleaning of your cushions is a must, you can reduce the frequency by ensuring that the cushion covers don’t get dirty in the first place. You should treat the covers with a protective coating that resists stains and vacuum the cushions and the sofa once every week. If you notice stains, spot clean them before they harden. It can help to have machine-washable cushion covers on sofas with high

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