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Instagram – How Does It Help In Social Media Marketing?

The success of Instagram can be seen in the fact that it is now more popular than Twitter, with over 300 million monthly users. Brands are catching on and seeing the benefits of using this social media app to reach more people, build a personal connection with their customers, and update them regularly. To increase the reach in no time, you can prefer to buy instant Instagram views, which could prove beneficial.

Given how many followers they can come by just from posting pictures, it’s not too much of a stretch to see how these posts could generate additional sales or even promote products from other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Either way, Instagram has never been a better investment for your marketing strategy. Below we will describe some ways people can use Instagram for social media marketing.

  • Digital Storytelling

The ability to have fun on Instagram and share our day-to-day life, experiences, and things is the best way to build trust with your customer. Digital Stories is a feature that allows you to do just that. To be able to tell your story, you need to create an account on Instagram. Then you can create different types of stories. Finally, you can choose what kind of posts you want your audience to see in this particular story.

This allows them to see all kinds of things that you have done so far as a company or as an individual and further engage with your followers. To help you shape and tell your story, Instagram will recommend you a list of relevant hashtags in advance and will even count how many of your posts have been liked.

  • Engagement Marketing

Nowadays, to encourage your followers to take action on your posts, it is essential that you also participate in the conversation. Your audience wants to know that you are listening to them, so always respond to their comments, and make sure that you like their pictures and videos.

You also need to know when your followers were posted, so engage with their posts on the specific days they were posted. The more engaged you are with them, the more your followers will want to participate with you and become a part of your Instagram community.

  • Create Branded Hashtags

To spread word of mouth about your products or service quickly, you must create branded hashtags. As we mentioned above, use Instagram Stories or feed to create branded hashtags in digital storytelling.

Then share and promote these hashtags on your other social networks to promote your brand. Also, when you refer to your brand page on Instagram, always use the same branded hashtag so that people can easily find and see all of your posts.

  • Use Hashtag Analytics Tool

Technology is never limited to what we know about it; it’s also about how we use it. With Instagram’s new hashtag analytics tool, users will be able to discover their top hashtags in terms of engagement and reach as well as their competitors’ top hashtags.

This quick tool will make it easier for users to discover the best ways to use hashtags in their posts and how they can stay one step ahead of their competitors. In addition, they can also see how other people are creating posts and engaging with their customers.

  • Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Stories highlights are a great way to put your brand on display by allowing business profiles access to weekly video highlights, which will be automatically posted on your profile dashboard. It’s an excellent way for you to promote your business among potential clients and show them what you have been up to or what’s happening in your business.

  • Instagram Live Video

When you post a live video, you can connect with your followers in real-time and encourage them to have an ongoing conversation with you. The live videos will disappear after 24 hours and will not appear on your followers’ feeds.

This makes it a great place to share a message with your clients or customers without worrying about cluttering their feeds. In addition, your followers can comment and ask questions during the live session, and you can even feature products that are available for sale or upcoming events that you might be planning.

  • Promote On Hashtags

Instagram is known for its Hashtag feature. Generally, business profiles will use these hashtags to promote their brand and products on the app. However, if you are not using hashtags correctly, it might end up helping your competitors find your posts and engagement with them.

So, always make sure that you know the best Hashtag you can use to increase your visibility on Instagram and engagement with your followers because they can find all of your posts easily.

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