Keyword For YouTube: How To Find And Generate More Views

Keyword for YouTube improve the search position of your videos, increase the reach and generate more engagement. You want to know more? Read our post!

Are you going to start creating content for your YouTube channel, but you still don’t know how to get good results on the platform? In this post, we will teach you how to optimize your videos so that they rank better.

YouTube is currently the second largest online search engine, behind only Google. This platform can generate a lot of income and contribute to your video marketing strategies.

If there’s a good place to post videos online, it’s definitely YouTube! Only that to have good results, it is necessary to understand the algorithm of the platform and follow it.

One of the tools for this is the use of precise keywords, which will suggest you content to users, on YouTube itself and on other search engines.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a term or set of words that defines a main topic. This word is used to find content on the internet more easily through search engines like Google.

When a person decides to search for something on Google, they type in the search field a phrase or a set of words that best define the topic, with the aim of finding what they are looking for in the first search results.

On YouTube, the same thing happens: the keyword is used to connect the user with the desired video, through a Google search or within YouTube.

Why is it important to research keywords for YouTube?

It is not true that keywords only serve to classify texts in Google. On YouTube, they are also essential, since they serve to improve the positioning of your videos.

This platform also uses SEO to improve search results, so knowing how to search for keywords for YouTube will help you meet the algorithm’s criteria and expand your reach to more people.

The main mission of those ghostwriting services who produce content on the Internet is to try to predict what keywords a person will use when searching for the subject of their content, so that they can be included in the text and get promoted in Google.

In addition to using the right YouTube keywords, there are techniques that allow you to grow in Google. In our video, we explain how to grow on this platform:

How to find and use keywords for YouTube?

There are some tips so that you can use the keywords on YouTube to your advantage. Know the main ones!

1. Use the right tools to research keywords for YouTube

The keyword research step is essential for video production, as it allows you to understand what is most relevant to your target audience, analyzing more objectively what your audience wants to know and if it makes sense with the content that is being displayed. producing.

There are keyword specific tools that show the most used options in search engines. Uber suggest, Google Trends, Keyword Tool, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner are some options you can use in your research.

These resources have complete information on the best keyword combinations, the most searched, and the analysis of the competition between the search terms.

2. Don’t ignore YouTube auto-suggestions

Doing a search on YouTube itself is also a good alternative. When you type a word in the platform’s search engine, some automatic suggestions appear to complete your search term, which are based on the most popular searches among users.

This allows you to collect the ideal keywords for your video and improve them with other searches in the specific tools that we have shown you.

3. Monitor the competition

Another great way to research the market is to look at what your competitors are producing on YouTube. With this, you can find out which topics are most popular and check which keywords these companies are using to refer to a given topic.

To do this analysis, select some brands in your niche that produce videos for the platform and identify the YouTube keyword used.

There are two ways to do this identification:

  • Look at the title of the videos.
  • Access the page’s source code to see the tags that were included.

To check the tags, right-click on the screen, go to “View page source code”, and when the full page with the website HTML opens, look for “keywords” in the code or press Ctrl + F and type “keywords” or “keyword” in the search box.

These tags also contribute to YouTube’s algorithm, so it’s worth looking at the tags for videos that have good reach, engagement, and ranking results.

4. Use labels

We still talk about labels. After uploading a video to your channel, a few options appear to include title, description, and also tags, which are keywords.

Consistently use tags for YouTube and these will increase the reach of your videos, as well as improve your positioning even more. After researching the tags most used by competing brands, select the ones that resonate the most with your video and add them.

But watch out! You need to use these words in the best possible way: alternate short and long tags, respect a 120-character limit and include an average of 6-8 tags, which is a reasonable number, without excess.

5. Include the keyword in the video title and description

It is good that you make good use of the text areas. To do this, include the keyword right at the beginning of the title and description of your video. This helps the algorithm to interpret the main topic of the content and recommend it to users searching for the same and similar terms.

Google tends to suggest videos on top search page results when it understands that audiovisual content is more effective than textual content for the user doing the search.

In order for your video to win this hard-fought spotlight, we recommend that you follow some content formats to better meet the wants, needs, and goals of netizens. Tutorials, DIY videos, reviews, and fun content are all great options.

Then, use your keyword at the beginning of the title and description. And voila, you will have content with great positioning potential!

It is important to emphasize that it is always valid to observe the YouTube Analytics of your account to understand if your strategies are really giving a positive return or need adjustments. So, get to work!

6. Get inspired by other content

You can get a lot of inspiration from your own content to create keywords for YouTube!

Your website or blog keywords can be a starting point for choosing keywords for your video content. Since the texts are also optimized, these terms can also be great for your channel.

For this, you need to better research the keywords that you have already used on other sites, only within YouTube, so that you know how to use them in the best way on the video platform.

With this work, you will understand what video results the platform offers when searching for the specific term. In addition, you can analyze titles and types of content to understand if the chosen word will really improve the positioning of the videos.

7. Create playlists with related videos

The more organized, the better! It is likely that when watching a video on a YouTube channel you have come across a playlist of videos with very similar themes. And, surely, you took this opportunity to watch several videos from the list, or not?

What happens is that, since the user is already interested in the topic of the video, there is a high probability that the other suggested content will attract him as well. And since the videos are grouped and easily accessible, the user finds there an opportunity to acquire more information on the desired topic.

In summary, creating playlists will not only improve the number of views, likes, comments, and shares but will also help the algorithm to interpret and value the keyword in these videos, increasing the site’s search performance.

Get more views with keywords for YouTube

If you have come this far it is because you want to prepare to invest in keywords for your YouTube channel.

This platform is powerful when it comes to video content, but like all websites and online tools, you need to invest in video SEO and content marketing strategies to highlight your brand and what you offer.

Keywords are an organic way to conquer the Google algorithm. Therefore, it is essential that you investigate the best options to include them correctly and coherently with your business and the theme of each video. Thanks to these actions, you will be able to promote your channel on YouTube more easily.

With this content, we have understood that, like search engines, YouTube requires a good job of SEO. Therefore, if you want to know more about how to optimize your videos for search and have a more profitable business, read our post on SEO for YouTube!

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