Learning in Company of Buddies

Friends, buddies or peers all these terms are the most important terms of the life of a student. Because a buddy not only helps in the need but also becomes an integral part of the student life. Learning with buddies is real fun in student life. It is so because this miraculous relationship makes many crucial issues of the learning very easy and also buddies make understand some of those topics very easily which tutors can never make students understand in the easy language. That is why it is said that learning in the company of buddies is very beneficial in student life. Students these days have become very innovative regarding their studies and they are opting several methods to enhance their learning. Online learning is also one of the methods in learning they are opting these days to improve their learning skills and to improve and enhance their knowledge and information level. But the most interesting learning strategy is to learn with peers or friends. Studying with friends-if done in the correct way, is the best way to learn even the toughest lessons or topics in any subject. Even the ERP for school accepts that nothing can work so much faster than how much teaching of a buddy works during group study with friends. Usually in a crowded class of 30-40 students queries of students go unanswered from the teacher’s side because he or she has to complete the course. When students study in a small group of their peers where they all share their opinions on a topic and try to make it understood in the easiest way, this process is called Group Study. According to ERP for school learning, the company of buddies usually contains students of the same class and mostly of peer group who spend time together and have better understanding among each other. Being in any study group it is necessary for the participants to make a plan of action and study accordingly. They need to decide one topic daily and all students should read, research and understand that topic and share their opinions on it so that the easiest way to understand that topic can be found.

It is a very miraculous phenomenon but it really works that if you try to understand and memorize a topic whole year even then you are unable to but on the same time if you best buddy tries to make you understand same topic or teaches the same topic but in his or her own way, that makes you understand the topic very easily and you memorize it also in a jiffy. It happens because in a group many minds of different capacity gather and a topic which may not be clear to you can be very clear to another student and vice versa so both the students can be assistance to each other and can complete various topics within no time. Software for school management says that students look with a new point of view towards a topic or subject in order to understand it having discussed the topics with buddies. When a student is stuck somewhere he gets suggestions from his peer group during group study and gets new ideas to accomplish the task. For example, if the topic is very lengthy and there are a lot of headings in it then they make an abbreviation with the first alphabet of each heading and memorize it and with the help of each alphabet initial of headings in topic they remember the whole topic in the exam. This is not a discovery made by any scientist but just a small invention of the simple student mind to make study easy. 

So, in a group study of buddies, a student comes across such unique tricks also which make their task of studying easy. According to software for school management students become more responsible and mature when they take responsibility for their own study in their hands. Students feel more confident and comfortable when they study and learn among their buddies and peers because this goes through fun and joy also and students enjoy learning more among their peers. Each learner is a donor and recipient both. Apart from this feedback from a tutor can be harsh and strict but feedback from peers is personalized and tailored perfectly to learn from. In peer learning students are able to ask and tell weakness and methods to work on it with each other without being scared of getting ashamed of their academic weaknesses. 


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