Local SEO: How to beat your competitors quicker

As a business owner or digital marketer, you know how important local SEO is for attracting and retaining customers. It’s hard to stay ahead of your competitors, but with the right strategies and tactics in place, it can be done. However, many marketers make the mistake of assuming that they know what works best in terms of local SEO – even though there are few reliable studies on this topic out there. That’s why Dallas SEO put together these 7 easy-to-implement tips on how to beat your competition at local SEO quickly — so you can take your online presence up a notch and get more traffic from potential buyers near you. Let’s dive into our list!


  1. Optimize Your Website for Local Searches: It’s essential that your website is optimized for local searches, so potential customers near you can find it easily. Local SEO Agency Dallas shared that this means including keywords related to your business and its location in the Title Tags of your webpages, as well as writing content with a local focus. You also need to include NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) information on every page of your site and ensure there are no errors or omissions. Lastly, make sure you include a Google My Business listing; this will boost your visibility in local search engine results pages (SERPs).
  2. Improve Your Online Reviews: Positive online reviews can provide a big boost to your SEO efforts. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp and TripAdvisor, and make sure you respond to negative reviews quickly to ensure they don’t do long-term damage.
  3. Leverage Local Directories: Listing your business in online directories such as Yellow Pages and Yext can help boost your visibility for local searches. Make sure all information about your business is accurate, including NAP data; this will be particularly useful if customers need directions or an address for visiting your store.
  4. Build Links From Local Sites: High-quality links from locally-relevant websites are key to improving your SEO performance – so start building relationships with local businesses that may have relevant content. Ask them to link back to yours in exchange for something, such as a guest post on your blog or an article about them in your newsletter. Alternatively, you can connect with a reputable link building services so they can do it for you.
  5. Optimize Your Content for Voice Search: As voice search is becoming increasingly popular, it’s important that you’re optimizing content for this type of query to capture more customers near you. This means including keywords that people might use when speaking into their device, such as “near me” and “close by.” You should also make sure all your NAP information is up-to-date and accurate so the search engine can match it with the user’s location.
  6. Generate Localized Content: Creating content focused on local news, events and interests will help boost your SEO performance – especially if you include relevant keywords in the titles/headings. You can also use this opportunity to show off local knowledge and showcase your business’s expertise, which will help build trust with potential customers.
  7. Hire a Local SEO Expert: If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t have time to focus on local SEO, it may make sense to hire an expert in the field who has experience optimizing sites for local audiences. This person will be able to identify areas of improvement and devise strategies that are tailored to your specific needs – such as creating content around relevant topics, building links from authority sites, and optimizing your website for both desktop and mobile searches.

Last Words

By following these 7 tips, you’ll be well on your way to beating out the competition at local SEO in no time. Just remember to stay on top of updates and changes, as the search engine algorithms can change quickly and often – so it pays to stay ahead of the curve! Good luck!


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