Industry News | Nuverse’s Ragnarok X Next Generation was officially released in Korea in 2023

On January 5, 2023, Ragnarok X Next Generation (라그나로크X : Next Generation) was officially launched in South Korea. Before long, it had made it into the top 10 best-sellers on the Korean Apple Store and the top 20 on the Google best-sellers. Some may mistake it for Ragnarok M Eternal Love, released in March 2018, because they are both part of the Ragnarok IP and the MMORPG game genre.

Ragnarok IP Games Status quo in South Korea

Ragnarok M Eternal Love was the highest-selling game in the Korean Apple Store during the first week of its launch, with its counterpart, Ragnarok X Next Generation, reaching the number one spot on the first day and now maintaining its presence in the top 10 of the Apple Store and top 20 of the Google Play Store. Although the former rose rapidly to the top of the list, the latter’s ranking rose steadily.

For the first week on the App Store, Ragnarok X Next Generation was downloaded about ten times more than Ragnarok M Eternal Love. But when it came to revenue, Ragnarok M Eternal Love was ahead by around five times and its RPD (average payment per download) was much superior to that of Ragnarok X Next Generation.

The initial success of Ragnarok M Eternal Love in the market can be attributed to its low launch price when it was not yet a well-known game. This made it a desirable option in the Korean market. In contrast, Ragnarok X Next Generation did not fare so well, partly because of South Korea’s predominance of Android smartphones and, before its official release in South Korea, some players had already been able to experience the game on other servers.

Different Market Strategy of Ragnarok X Next Generation

In 2023, the release of Ragnarok X Next Generation has seen the utilization of a medium amplitude marketing strategy to entice gamers. Though the Ragnarok IP has a catalog of around 20 mobile games, the brand has not garnered the same level of attention as it did in 2018 with Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

Like most products with IP as the selling point, these two games mainly take “long-term interest” (character modeling, lovely elements, cool fighting, beautiful scenes, etc.) as the main principle. Considering the IP concept, they use action call phrases to attract players from the game itself.

Besides the point already stated, Ragnarok X Next Generation will present a lot of casual activities, such as taking photos, and its sound music is meant to draw gamers in. Moreover, KOL marketing is more elaborate than a straightforward advertisement. On the other hand, Ragnarok M Eternal Love provides more activities about pets and equipment, with its adorable graphics.

In addition to China and Japan, South Korea is the market with the highest consumption of MMORPG. From Ragnarok M Eternal Love to Ragnarok X Next Generation, it can be concluded that Chinese manufacturers emphasize Korean players. Compared with other markets in the same period, Ragnarok X Next Generation shows a more mature state. The market performance was not as good as its predecessor at first, but the momentum was strong.

How to Download and Enjoy Ragnarok X: Next Generation with Redfinger

The recently released Ragnarok X: Next Generation can now be accessed on the redfinger cloud phone. With the auto feature, players are given the option to toggle it on in the customization menu and have it running automatically. This makes life easier for gamers as they can save time to do other activities. On top of that, they can save space on their mobile phones as they can now play Ragnarok X: Next Generation with redfinger cloud phone. This combination of features between Ragnarok X: Next Generation and redfinger cloud phone is definitely a convenience for game-playing.

Redfinger Cloud Phone is an effective virtual Android system that allows you to have multiple Android phones on one device. It is hosted on a cloud server, meaning it won’t take up much data, storage, or battery power of your own device. This android emulator also lets you play your game all day long without any restriction. Moreover, you can conveniently manage multiple cloud phones with a single redfinger account, making it perfect for multitasking.

  1. Search REDFINGER in Google Play and download the application or click the official website and use the application through the browser.

2.In order to gain access to Redfinger’s cloud smartphone, one must complete the sign-in process.

  1. Find Ragnarok X Next Generation in the search bar of the REDFINGER App Store.

4.Using Redfinger, download and set up the game.

  1. Run and enjoy playing Ragnarok X Next Generation with Redfinger.

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