Obesity And Overweight In Relation To Our Diet Lifestyle

Obesity and overweight is the abnormal fat accumulation that may impair health. Did you know obesity and overweight are diseases, which are gate opened by poor diet? That, by choosing to eat right and as recommended you could avoid the risk of it.

It is disappointing that parents to their innocent and ignorant children who will then follow the lead start this culture of unhealthy eating or healthy side of it and before long; they are either overweight or obese.

Parents are supposed to be careful about the culture of food for their children. People do not realize that this is a matter of health and these diseases knock at your door and sometimes might kill you. Yet it can be prevented.

According to WHO, obesity statistics conducted in 2016 show that more than 1.9 billion adults (18 and older) are overweight. And of these, over 650 million were obese.

How Do You Know, You Are Obese Or Overweight

There is a simple index of weight body mass index(BMI), used to classify overweight and obesity.

For Adults

For overweight, MI is greater or equal to 25, while obesity BMI is greater or equal to 30

For Children

Overweight is BMI greater for age greater than 1 standard deviation above WHO growth reference median while Obesity is greater than 2 standard deviations above WHO growth reference median.

There are two major causes of obesity; high intake of energy-dense foods high in fats and sugars and low physical activity.

These are the foods to avoid in order to eliminate the risk of overweight and obesity; potato chips, sugar-sweetened beverages, unprocessed meats, and refined grains.

These same foods are very popular in the world today. Yet ranked amongst the unhealthiest foods, they are majorly junk foods.

People do not really understand why junk food is very unhealthy, first, most of the like pizzas are made out of refined flours and processed products like cheese.

If you are eating too much and moving too little then you are on the road to being obese or overweight. Although they can be caused by genetics, and certain medications, the major cause of obesity and overweight is diet carelessness. Having a balanced diet in your means is very important pursuance for a healthy lifestyle.

To also reduce your risk of obesity and overweight, put yourself under regular exercise like choosing to walk for short distances or bicycle riding to burn those extra fats. In addition, you can choose stairs over lifts plus make exercise your regular routine.

Weight loss programs are key for everyone who cares about their health.

In conclusion, it is very sad to see something that could be controlled or tamed be the cause of very many deaths in the world today. How many lives can be saved just by sticking to the rules that govern good health? The World Health Organization (WHO) has set aside a day for awareness and campaign for the fight against obesity and overweight.

This is the 4th of March of every year. This also gives hope to those who have succumbed to obesity. That they can reverse it by following the guidelines. You can conquer this health risk, you just have to input self-discipline and then instill the culture also to your children.

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