Order Food Online in Train in your Summer Holidays

Summer is the time when everyone waits for their holidays. The children especially wait for the summer vacation the most. And Misty people make plans to make a trip with their family and friends during summer vacation. Some of you are also making plans to enjoy your summer vacation. Most people prefer to travel by train to their destination. So they start booking tickets for themselves. But now you can order food on train while traveling to your destination. 

The online food service is the best and can make you feel free when it comes to food as they can provide a lot of food options. From religious to international food items. You can order and enjoy them with your journey, adding more fun to your traveling. The online food is also tasty and yummy which can make your journey more memorable. So this summer you can make your train traveling easy with online food. 

Can you order online food in the pantry train? 

The trains having pantry cars in them means that there is a special coach in the train in which the food is prepared and served to the passenger. But now this service is available on limited trains only. Now the question that many of you have is can you order food on these trains also? So yes, you can also order food on train having pantry couches. In trains like Kushinagar express, Telangana express, AP express, falaknuma express, and many more such trains. you can enjoy the pantry food as well as online food from other restaurants.

The restaurants that are associated with the railway can provide you with the food at the selected station in between the starting station and destination station. You can easily order food by filling in your PNR number, train name, or train number. Online food service provides you with quick and quality food service at your seat. 

How to place an order if your internet is not working?

Nowadays everything is possible with the internet. But when we are traveling there are chances that you may face network issues and your internet may not work. So then how can you place an order for food on the train? Don’t worry you can then go for some other options like calling and messages. 

You can order food online in train by making a call on the number provided on different websites. You have to give your PNR number to the person who is on call. Then your PNR number will be confirmed after that you can place an order for your favorite food item. Similarly, in SMS you have to write down your PNR number or train number and then your food item. This is the best option to place your order. This will also help you to make choices and you can also select items according to your budget. 

Will you get your order if your train is late? 

There are many chances that your train may sometimes get late. Or it may reach after from the exact timing. Then you may be thinking about the food you ordered. You need not worry about that. The apps and websites that provide you the online food delivery in train keep a check on your train. All system is fully computerized so they keep checking on each and every order. 

If your train is late then one of their representatives will call you and confirm if you still want your order or not. And if the train reaches the station before the given timings then also they will automatically cancel your order. They will then be able to inform you that your order has been canceled. If you paid online, you will receive a refund within 5-7 working days. Alternatively, if you cancel the order, the amount is refunded to your account. 

What services can you get from online food delivery?

Food is the second important factor in traveling after packing. But online food service had made this easy. Now you can choose different food items from certified restaurants. You can order food online in train with various online partners and can get the best food items while sitting at your seat. Many restaurants are now open for 24 hours to give you the best food service.

From the menu of these restaurants, you can get Punjabi food, Italian food, Chinese food, Jain food, veg thali, nonveg thali, combo food, group food, and many more food items at a reasonable price. These restaurants also maintain proper hygiene. You can place an order one hour before you reach the station that you have selected for food delivery. The time may also vary according to different restaurants. You just have to wait at your seat until the delivery person will come to you with your order.  This has made it easy for everyone to enjoy their meal while traveling. 

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