What are the steps to reactivate my disabled uber account?

If you are here in this blog to look for ways or steps for how to reactivate permanently deactivated uber account

If you are here in this blog to look for ways or steps for how to reactivate a permanently deactivated uber account then let us tell you that you are at the right place as in this blog we are going to talk about the same so that you can get your account back. 

Steps to reactivate disabled uber account – 

Below are the steps which the users need to follow to get their account back so you need to take a look at the steps carefully and execute them cautiously on your device.

  1. For the initial step, you are supposed to sign up by going to the uber website which is, and then you can use the phone number of your friends. 
  2. Now, you are supposed to download the uber app from any play store and then move to the next step. 
  3. You will see that you will receive an OTP on the number which you have provided. 
  4. After filling in the OTP you need to tap on forgot password and then from there, you will see that a link will be sent to your registered email address to fix the uber com account disabled.
  5. Now, you can change the password and then open the application. On the app, you need to fill in your username and the new password and then hit on the menu button. 
  6. Visit the settings option and then hit on the thumbnail so that you can see the mobile number which has been shown. 
  7. Now after you fill in the number which has been disabled you will receive an OTP. 
  8. Fill out the OTP and once you confirm it you will be able to use your banned uber account again with this why is my uber account disabled has been fixed for you. 

We can assure you that if you will follow all these steps properly you will be able to fix the issues you are dealing with uber and you will also be able to use your account. But the only condition is that the steps need to be followed properly just as they have been mentioned.

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