Risky Business Is Still Relevant 35 Years Later

Originally released in 1983, the American teen comedy-drama Risky Business Starred Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Moray. It covered themes of materialism, capitalism, and loss of innocence. It was Cruise’s breakthrough role and grossed $63 million worldwide against a budget of just $6 million. Now, it is a fascinating watch for fans of the actor, even if you don’t care about its age.

When Risky Business debuted in theatres, Tom Cruise was just 21 years old. A memorable scene featured Cruise in pink and underwear. It’s one of the film’s iconic moments. Cruise plays Joel Goodson, a young man from a wealthy family. He crashes his father’s Porsche and transforms his parents’ home into a brothel, where he hooks up with a prostitute, Rebecca De Moray.

The movie’s critics hailed the performance, but the film’s final ending left some viewers uncomfortable. The Geffen Film Company ultimately backed the movie, requiring a less cynical conclusion. The resulting compromise only reinforced the feeling that no one in Hollywood makes a movie entirely of their own vision. Despite the movie’s success, the film’s message is still relevant today. The film was released 35 years ago, and its cast members have been busy doing different things since its release.

Tom Cruise’s career has produced nearly forty movies, and many of them have become part of pop culture. The movies are a mixed bag, however, with some great ones and some disastrous ones. There are some good movies that underperformed, and mediocre films that managed to get Oscars. Cocktail is a standout, but you don’t have to watch them all to enjoy his talent. Just check out some of the best.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses may also be a recollection of Cruise’s Sunglasses in Risky Business. This brand made waves in the early 1980s, when over-the-top styles became fashionable. During this era, Ray-Ban sunglasses were worn by celebrities and became iconic. However, their popularity waned after the 1970s, when the film’s release pushed them out of fashion.

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