Rockbros bicycle bell review

The Rockbros bell is an almost exact copy of the far more expensive bicycle bell from Spurcycle. However, this was not available for the bicycle bell test at short notice, so I will start with the Rockbros.

Rockbro’s bell in the test

In search of a small, loud and stylish bicycle bell, vilano diverse 3.0 review eventually ended up at the Rockros. And was impressed. Quick research revealed that it is an almost exact copy of Spurcycle’s acclaimed bicycle bell. While the original is made in the USA, the Rockbros bell comes from China. I don’t want to dwell on fairness, morality, and ethics. Whether someone spurns the original and reaches for the substitute, everyone has to decide for themselves, especially since 55 € for a bell is also a lot of wood.


Cool design (albeit “borrowed”)

The handy, trigger is easily accessible with a good pressure point

The sound length is usable

Two-sided mounting


75 dB is slightly quiet

Copy of the track cycle


The small bell makes a solid impression.

Assembly / Installation

Rockbros mounting can be done on both sides of the handlebar. Thanks to two metal connectors (8.5 and 11.5 cm), the Rockbros also fits all common handlebar diameters. Nevertheless, the assembly is more fiddly than with a classic clamp closure. You choose one of the two metal bands, place it around the handlebar form below and make sure that the ends pass through the provided eyelets. After two to three attempts, the Rockbros should be mounted. I will provide a video for this.


Very chic, timeless, and noble. Thanks to the original from the USA. The packaging, on the other hand, is… Well. Let’s say conveniently.


The subjective perception means that the bell only reaches 75 dB to a limited extent. I would rather classify them more quietly. The sound itself is bright. After the first ping, the signal flickers. Actually quite pleasant.


The sound length is 3-4 seconds. Neat, but not the best value.


Weight incl. both fasteners are at 52 grams. The value is therefore slightly lower.


I paid 15,99 € for my model on Amazon. Depending on the chosen bell color, the prices vary slightly.


The bell should be a bit louder overall. In the city or with many background noises, it is hardly audible. top hybride bikes the attachment is a bit heavier than usual with bicycle bells but feasible. For this, you get a chic object design, even if it is only borrowed. As soon as I have the original, I will compare both models with each other.

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