Scholarship to study abroad for Indian students

When it comes to pursuing higher studies, there seems to be no solid demarcation limiting it; a student is encouraged by his/her family and the nation in equal degrees to get access to all the resources that would be useful in fulfilling the financial prerequisites of the course. There are several students in India who aim to complete their graduation from a foreign university but, take a step back after calculating the expenditure that he has to suffice the foreign university with, before and during the process of attaining the degree.

 The government of the country, along with several banks and independent organizations has identified this need of the hour and has recognized that the advancement of the country lies within the vicinities of the educated youth; this has, in turn, led to the initiation of innumerable study abroad scholarships that are to be awarded to Indian students who are willing to study abroad. Most students who prefer to study MBBS Abroad also look for scholarships offered by colleges to International students. 

There are still a lot of countries around the world that offer education at an affordable rate with study loan for abroad; for instance, the medical universities of Philippines admit foreign students at pocket-friendly amounts and furnish them with opportunities of accommodation, food, and transport within the scholarships issued by their countries. Furthermore, studying in foreign universities is accompanied by a series of advantages; firstly, the degrees secured from them will be valid across the globe and getting a job immediately after completing the course will only be a cakewalk. Secondly, the eligibility criterion isn’t subjective but, universal, meaning, to get through the admission process, there are only one or two tests that a student will be asked to sit for. And lastly, the students get the exposure that they need for their professional development during the early stages of their lives itself. 

There are two stages of receiving the scholarship for foreign education when one goes on to study abroad; the first stage is put forward by India itself when a student ranks high in the NEET exam and the second step is the scholarship made available by the university or college which the student is willing to obtain his/her degree from. In the former case, higher is the student’s rank, better is his/her opportunities both in enrolling under an esteemed college and obtaining the major portion of its admission and tuition fees. Now that we have already mentioned in the above section that the cost of pursuing a medical degree from some of the foreign universities is much lower than that in India, let us also bring it to your attention that the Medical Council of India recognized several colleges abroad at par with the Indian curriculum but only with wider and profitable opportunities for the future. The premier medical universities of the Philippines such as UV Gullas College of Medicine, Davao Medical School Foundation, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, and all its major contemporaries have set the stage for international students to seamlessly build their professional career. 

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