Simple Ways to Pay My CenturyLink Internet Bills

Optimal customer facilitation is the belief of CenturyLink. That’s the reason you will always get extremely robust, budget-friendly, fastest speed internet packages and plans at this incredible internet service provider in the United States. The internet plan you can get from this source will make it possible for you to enjoy lag-free surfing, streaming, and downloading round the clock.

Moreover, CenturyLink is widely considered the first choice of around 45 million Americans. The figure represents how rapidly the internet service provider is expanding its customer market nationwide by connecting users across every corner of the US. Similarly, it has the vision to empower every home in America by offering exceptionally stable and high-coverage internet signals.

Thus the customers can perform their routine tasks such as sending text messages, emails, work assignments, or attending online meetings, calls, conferences, and much more without any trouble. If you are already enjoying the astounding services of this amazing internet service provider, you can understand what we are trying to say here.

However, if you were looking for finding simple methods for paying your CenturyLink Internet Deals, plans, packages, or bundle offer bills, you have landed on the right blog. Why? Because we have brought three convenient ways for you to easily pay your monthly CenturyLink bill without any hassle.

So, without any further due let’s dive right into the topic and find which one will serve you the best!

Three Easy Methods for Paying CenturyLink Monthly Bill

All these methods have been tailored by the internet service provider focusing on the diverse customer market consisting of ultimate digital freaks to walk-in bill payers. The billing options are categorized as physical and virtual options which you can choose as per your preference. So, gear up to take a look at our list!

Online Bill Payment Option at CenturyLink

Here the customer will have three hassle-free and super easy online billing options which we have discussed below. So keep scrolling!

Option # 01 Quick Bill Pay

It is the highest feasible and fastest option for paying monthly bills for the services you are availing from this internet service provider. Quick bill pay comes under the online bill payment category that does not demand customers to insert credentials to log in. It asks you to just insert your account number coupled with particular and relevant information about the internet plan you have currently subscribed to and bingo! Your payment has been successfully processed. Isn’t it easy? Of course, it is.

Option # 02 My CenturyLink Site

For this online option, you need to use credentials to log in to this website. However, the My CenturyLink site helps you in tracking previous bills record to keep checking any variation in internet service fees or else. Moreover, you can use this website to sign up for the paperless billing option or to create your AutoPay account in a highly convenient manner.

Similarly, this site helps you with a feature for customized autofill that assists users to save their billing information. My CenturyLink site and Quick bill pay both accept almost every payment option and allow users to instantly access these options either through smartphones, computers, laptops, iPhones, tablets, and more. 

Option # 03 My CenturyLink App

Last but not least in our list of online options is the My CenturyLink app that you can easily download on your smartphone to check your monthly internet bills virtually and to pay the fee easily. You can also update information on your account and can explore different internet plans, packages, offers, deals, and bundles that the internet service provider is offering in your area.

Moreover, you can also use this app to access the customer support team of the internet service provider as well as can get assistance from tech experts of CenturyLink. Furthermore, it is a one-window solution to get solutions for all problems related to your internet connection, acquire billing information, and check out policies or procedures designed by the ISP.

What do you think about these options? Are you still unable to get the right fit? Worry not because there is a lot in our bucket for you. So, keep calm and continue scrolling!

Bill Payment through Phone at CenturyLink

As we told you that convenience is at its best when we talk about this internet service provider. The same level of convenience is expected to have been offered by the ISP to customers when it comes to paying their monthly internet bill. Now you can pay your internet bills every month using your phone. The good thing is you don’t need to go for prior registration to avail this opportunity and you are also not required to wait in never-ending queues.

All you need to do to pay your monthly internet bill is to pick up the phone and dial 800-244-1111 to reach out to the automated service of this internet service provider. Just put your account number to precede the payment process by carefully following all instructions provided by the automated telephone system of the ISP.

You will get a confirmation code after successfully completing the payment process by the end of your call. Sounds good, isn’t it? 

Bill Payment via Mail at CenturyLink

If you are not in rush and have spare time, this option is for you. You can send a money order or check to the internet service provider through the mail system easily. Especially when your monthly internet bill due date is not so close you can go for this bill payment option. Unfortunately, you cannot send cash through the mail.

We would like to mention here that it is important to attach the remittance slip with the check or money order which you received along with your monthly internet bill. Moreover, try to have sufficient time margin while choosing this bill payment option. So your mail can timely reach the internet service provider which will ultimately save you from bearing additional charges in terms of late fees.

Similarly, the internet service provider accepts bill payments that it receives till the due date but only within office hours. Therefore, it is crucial for you to only go for this billing option if you think your mail will reach its destination on time.

Mailing Addresses of the Internet Service Provider

For your convenience, we have added some mailing addresses in this blog for you so you can directly send your payments via mail to these addresses we have mentioned below.

  •       State – CO, AZ, NM, WA, OR, or WY

Mailing Address – CenturyLink PO Box 91155 Seattle, WA 98111-9255

  •       State – IA, MN, NE, ND, SD, UT, ID, or MT

Mailing Address – CenturyLink PO Box 2956 Phoenix, AZ 85062-2956

  •       State – All other states

Mailing Address – CenturyLink PO Box 2961 Phoenix, AZ 85062-2961

Steps to Use Mailing Payment Options

You can use this payment option following four easy and quick steps.

  •       Write down your CenturyLink account number either on your check or money order.
  •       Your bill must contain an envelope. Use it or get a new one then write your address on this envelope.
  •       Put the remittance slip inside this envelope before enclosing it.
  •       Lastly, put a stamp on your envelope and feel free to mail it to the internet service provider.

In a Nutshell

We know that CenturyLink Internet Plans are ranked among the most popular ones in the United States of America. Today this internet service provider is enjoying leadership in the internet and telecommunication industry of the country.

There are many reasons for the success it has earned so far, but whatever it has become now is rooted in its commitment to delivering unmatchable convenience to its widespread customers across the landscape of the country. Hopefully, the blog has helped you in finding your way for paying monthly internet bill to the ISP.

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