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Corporate Tax Training Program in UAE

Explore UAE tax legislation

Bestaxca is pleased to launch a Corporate Tax Training In Dubai. This is an intensive corporate tax training program, which will take place in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. You can also take part in the UAE’s online corporate tax training program. You will gain in-depth knowledge of UAE corporate taxation in all key areas of the upcoming tax legislation.

Upon successful completion of this UAE corporate taxation training program, learners should be able to:

Understand the concept of UAE corporate taxation and its impact on their business.

Understand the impact of UAE corporate taxation on a company’s operational and financial performance.

Distinguish the different types of companies that are exempt from UAE corporate tax.

Distinguish between taxable income and accounting profit for corporate tax purposes.

The scope of corporate tax in the UAE and the method of its calculation.

Understand the impact of VAT on imports and exports to member countries (Gulf region) and third countries (rest of the world).

Preparation of VAT-compliant invoices.

Submission of corporate tax returns.

Reconciliation of accounting profits and tax profits and application of the 9% corporate tax rate.

Identification and prevention of possible errors in corporate tax invoices.

What you get

A comprehensive training program on UAE corporate tax issues with practical examples.

A seminar package with the information presented on the day.

A certificate of attendance.

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Lesson outline

Overview of corporate taxation


What is corporate taxation?

When does the UAE tax regime come into effect?

What is the role of the Federal Tax Authority?

Scope and tax rate

Income exempt from value-added tax


Consequences of corporate taxation in free zones

Economic sectors Application of the tax

Accounting for tax losses

Tax bracket and tax calculation

Withholding tax at source

Tax incentives

Transport pricing

The tax administration of companies

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