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Internal audit services in Dubai, UAE

Internal audit provides an objective assessment of a company’s financial position as well as a complete picture of its operations Internal Audit Services In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE is performed by qualified and experienced professionals using a comprehensive and proven methodology. During the audit process, auditors liaise with clients to understand the audit work, address key issues, mitigate fraud risk and meet submission deadlines.

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Internal audit in retail

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BESTAXCA – Audit Firm in the United Arab Emirates

Excellent internal audit services support both outsourcing and offshoring models, contributing to the smooth running of the business.

Internal audit joint procurement has become a key priority for companies in Dubai and the UAE. It is designed to help internal audit managers improve the quality and scope of internal audits, reduce costs and improve risk and control management.

Outsourcing internal audits to a third party provides the opportunity to meet specific requirements in a professional and completely neutral manner, without compromising the core business and improving business processes in the long term.

The benefits of internal audit in Dubai, UAE

This section describes the benefits of outsourcing internal audits.

Compliance with rules and regulations

An independent internal auditor examines a company’s organizational processes on behalf of the client and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of government regulations and guidelines.

Ensures industry best practice

Independent auditors have more detailed knowledge of specific or general industry issues. They have many years of experience in their field in different companies, which gives them an advantage in assessing and solving problems.

Unbiased assessment

An unbiased internal audit may provide a better assessment of the company’s performance. This allows them to offer new ideas for improving performance, strengthening internal control and reducing risk.

Cost and time savings

Outsourcing reduces costs and allows employees to focus on their core business.

Increased value and accountability

Internal audit is of great value to governing bodies and senior management because it is fair and accountable.

Review risk management processes

The internal audit identifies key risks and makes recommendations to mitigate them. Internal audit also assesses the company’s risk management systems and verifies that they are fully operational.

Finance councils, audit committees, and other partners are increasingly interested in assessing and managing project risks. Internal analysts can focus on these issues and add significant value to the business. The BESTAXCA approach can be easily tailored to your company’s specific needs and includes the following services.

Advice to management on how to create a safe and effective internal control environment.

Providing guidance on the management of operational risks.

Helping to align operational strategy and risk indicators with business objectives.

Review key structures and procedures that support good governance.

Support management processes and operational understanding for effective and focused business execution.

In today’s complex global business environment, companies face new risks and need to challenge old strategies and assumptions. Our internal audit services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE are focused on providing independent and objective support in the design, implementation, and operational effectiveness of controls.

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