The Evolution of Technology and the Field of Marketing

In the present world, technology is running our lives. Without computers, smartphones and tablets we cannot function. All of this happened in a short span of time, a person cannot imagine their life without it.


In the era of the 1990s, the Internet was a new commodity then. Although households and businesses were starting to get access to it. Then it took a lot of time and had connecting issues.


In the present age, the internet is accessible to everyone and is available everywhere. It’s a rare thing to notice if a person enters a coffee place, business or library and does not get access to the Wi-Fi, isn’t it? The Wi-Fi signals are short-range, many use the internet using cellular data connections. There are applications for everything, businesses have made apps for the requirements of the people. These applications have the ability to do everything. They can track the food consumption of a person to the sending and receiving of large amounts of data. Many apps have also been invented for the purpose of communication. The evolution started with sending simple text messages to adding emojis, then GIFs, memes and Bitmoji came along. With the invention of new technology and apps. All of these have changed the way humans use to communicate with each other. Now people interact more on social media than in person. This era has brought to us video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and many more. Masses are switching from watching TV to digital streaming platforms, but there is still an audience watching TV. Several huge brands are trying to compete with the traditional TV channels in terms of providing original content which is exclusively available on their platforms. There are not only online platforms available for video streaming but also online games, music etc. Many of these services are paid platforms such as Apple TV, Spotify, PlayStation Now etc. Technology has also changed the lives of students. Nowadays, all o the study material is available online along with online tutoring services. Children can do their assignments on their own or hire Best Assignment Writers UK based which will help them in completing their assignments.


As many technologies are in development and the ones which are already here can be made into something big. Customers and businesses can expect more opportunities in the forthcoming technologies. The future tech will be swift and will have the ability to complete more tasks, and things will be smoother in getting done. Although it’s not possible to complete predicts the future of technology, assumptions can be made. The rise of artificial intelligence can be seen, smart devices will get smarter. The physical world is blending in with the virtual world which can be seen in the smart speakers, smart homes, even the cars are getting smarter. 

Field of Marketing

Technology has transformed the way of marketing by making the campaigns customized and mesmerising for people. The creation of ecosystems is unified and targeted toward the marketers. And the transformation is not only in terms of brands and people but also pervades the systems along with the infrastructure on which companies are built, conveying value and include to the bottom line. 

Marketing in Digital Age

The role of marketing has changed over the last decade. Generally, the marketing department is focused on creating brand awareness. This requires the creation of the look and ambience of the campaign, and creating attractive designs and messaging perfectly. Marketing operations took place in their own bubble in the company, and their significance was mostly overlooked. Then there was no method to link their marketing efforts with the outcomes of sales. Marketing is being studied in universities and colleges. When students get stuck completing their assignments, then they turn towards taking help from online professionals. Online Marketing Assignment Help them in coping with their requirements of completing the assignment.

Then times changed and marketing went through a digital transformation, with the arrival of digital channels such as the internet and social media. The new technologies like content managing systems and marketing automation help in the formation of marketing technologies for reach, engaging audience and tracking across these digital channels.

Previously, marketing and sales were two separate firms, frequently working together but on odd terms. Where marketing took the lead in creativity and the entire communications and messaging sector and sales were focused on meeting the quarterly goals. This caused clashes between them. The marketing team was wondering why sales often neglected the leads that they generated and sales thought that these leads are worthless and hindered their efforts of achieving their goals.

In this customer-centric world, the marketing firms are not only accountable for the possession of the customer, but also their task is to make strategies which are focused on customer retention.

Companies should address the high cost of accumulating customers, moreover, they should also address the significance of the customer experience. Several companies understand the value of a customer-centric approach and how it can be helpful in strengthening the image of their brand and increasing revenue.

Companies like Amazon Prime are an example of a customer-centric loyalty programs. In 2019 Amazon had more than a hundred and five million members who were loyal to them (Warner n.d.). The member spent more than non-members. CRIP noticed that a Prime member’s average annual speeding totals $1,400 which is double what a casual buyer spends. 

Star bucks is another example of customer loyalty and customer engagement. Because of the “My Starbucks Reward program. The data which is gathered in their mobile app gives them a lot of information about their customer base (Range of Material to Read in Our Blog Section. 2020). They can know about what food and drink they prefer, the number of times they visit, what provokes them to make a purchase, and their behaviour. And by utilising these insights Starbucks gets a chance to make freebies, rewards and promotions which cater to each individual.


Since the arrival of technology, everyone’s lives have changed. It’s unimaginable to live life with it. Technology has transformed the marketing industry. Many major companies like Amazon Prime and Starbucks are leveraging technology for gaining benefit. 


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