The Most Comprehensive ISO 13485 Audit Checklists on the Internet

ISO 13485 audits don`t technically result in a “byskip” or “fail” grade. Your commercial enterprise business enterprise can handiest truly fail if you overlook approximately the auditor`s pointers for fixing non-conformances.

An ISO 13485 audit should make even the most seasoned clinical device remarkable managers chew their nails. The widespread includes 77 clauses, so there are pretty some opportunities to fall short.

Medical device manufacturers aren`t confident in recertification, either. Too many corporations fail their ISO 13485 audits because of the truth the remarkable group wasn`t careful to prepare with assessments. Recently, a Kentucky-based totally absolutely agency made headlines for a failed audit. The agency wasn`t following protocol for CAPA, grievance managing, reputation activity, or shopping for controls.

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Nevertheless, you don`t need to live in regular fear of an audit. With a robust ISO 13485 audit checklist, you`ll sleep properly at night time information about your remarkable systems are as a great deal as widespread.

The Best ISO 13485 Audit Checklists to Ensure Readiness

ISO 13485: 2016 requires Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits. The fine ISO 13485 audit checklists assist you to prepare for every level or an internal audit preceding certification or recertification. Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits range in duration, depth, and scope.

Stage 1 audits generally last one day. An ISO auditor from your certifying body will provide a record of high-quality and horrible findings to determine whether or not or now no longer your agency is ready to retain to stage 2.

Stage 2 audits generally last severa days. This is an entire evaluation of your commercial enterprise business enterprise`s compliance with ISO 13485:2016 necessities. The auditor will compare documentation, controls, and internal audits and manage to compare, and all relevant processes. The auditor may additionally produce a list of non-conformances that want to be corrected in advance than you can be certified or get maintain of recertification.

ISO 13485 audits don`t technically result in a “byskip” or “fail” grade. Your commercial enterprise business enterprise can handiest truly fail if you overlook approximately the auditor`s pointers for fixing non-conformances. This would possibly result in failing to get certified or losing your ISO 13485 certification. However, non-conformances can have a real impact on product remarkable, waste, and compliance. Preparing to skip an ISO audit with minimal recommendations is genuinely a smart move.

The Best Checklists

The fine checklists for ISO 13485 audits embody free documents maintained throughout the world identified necessities corporations and certifying bodies.

  • DQS: 13485 & MDD Checklist

This checklist guides corporations via compliance with ISO 13485:2016 and MDD, the European Union`s Medical Device Directive. The MDD is a complex document with 23 necessities for compliance and a very specific certification pathway, and some minor versions from ISO. This can be particularly useful if you`re seeking to meet the May 2020 EU clinical device directive deadline.

This DQS checklist is a printable PDF that includes 38 pages of questions so you can determine, in detail, cappotential areas for improvement. Each checklist item is genuinely mapped to the corresponding component of the ISO widespread. DQS is a Germany-based totally absolutely certifying body.

  • NSF ISR: ISO 13485

This planner and delta checklist is designed for clients to complete preceding to on-webweb web page compared from an ISO auditor. It includes fairly unique fields that can guide internal improvement efforts, which includes the ability to gain your agency on a scale of 1-10 and assign responsibility and crowning glory dates.

This free, Microsoft Word-based totally absolutely useful resource moreover includes an Appendix which data the versions amongst ISO 13485:2016 and 13485:2003. The NSF-ISR is a US-based totally absolutely certification and necessities entity.

  • 13485 & FDA QSR Internal Audit Checklist

This PDF checklist is designed to feature a guideline for internal audit activities. The document incorporates room for observations and comments, and results–or internal corrective actions taken preceding a Stage 1 or 2 audit. ISO requirements that align with FDA QSR are highlighted in yellow for easy reference.

While this checklist offers many beneficial features, it`s fine used in conjunction with specific properties for the motive that it`s designed for ISO 13485:2003 in preference to most of today’s versions of the identical antique. Compliance Online is a web information portal with property for remarkable practitioners.

  • ISO 13485 Technical Questionnaire

This Microsoft Word document is an entire education comparison that was modified into built for clinical device manufacturers in Ireland to complete and publish to their auditor preceding to on-webweb web page evaluations. NSAI is an Irish certifying body.

It incorporates fields for corporations to document their response and evidence for each component of the ISO 13485:2016 widespread, and the auditor`s verification of the internal audit. This document is an entire, in-depth guideline for internal audits and know-how on how certifying auditors may additionally compare your remarkable management gadget.

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An ISO audit shouldn`t be a motive for losing sleep. Ideally, your commercial enterprise business enterprise ought to understand how your remarkable gadget stacks up in competition to the identical antique for clinical device manufacturers and opportunities for improvement. Checklists are high-fee devices whilst they`re used on an ongoing basis to internally audit your QMS. They let you understand what to expect.

Knowing what to expect is genuinely an outstanding detail almost about an inspection from an ISO or FDA auditor. You shouldn`t enhance the alarm whilst an inspector walks on webweb web page and worries about a manner to cowl weaknesses on your ISO 9001 Requirements QMS. Devoting the property in advance to make certain you meet necessities for remarkable management can make sure your remarkable manage gadget is helping you operate successfully and with minimal risk.

There is not anyt any public database of comments that corporations get maintained in the course of an ISO audit. However, ISO 13485 has many areas of alignment with FDA QSR. Based on 483 declaration data, you can understand which areas are the handiest corporations war with and focus on now no longer unusualplace pitfalls.


Insufficient CAPA is the number one reason for FDA citations withinside the clinical device industry. Rely on ISO 8.5.2 (correction) and 8.5.3 (prevention) and the FDA`s private inspection suggestions to make certain your CAPA meets necessities.

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